Nick Carter Judged Not Guilty

Our previous poll asking if you believe caused the injuries to Paris Hilton saw 64% say that the Backstreet Boys star is innocent, believing Paris to be seeking post-breakup vengeance, while only 15.8% thought he did cause the abuse and would have been cleared by the Hilton family if not. 20.2% wanted to hear from Nick and Paris first, and while Nick has issued repeated denials, Paris hasn’t publicly addressed the subject yet.

Paris Hilton Moves On To Fred Durst After Split

August 15, 2004 – reports that Paris Hilton after just 3 weeks of her split with has recently been spotted smooching with Fred Durst. The 2 were spotted having lunch at an LA restaurant and were described by as an eye witness as being “all over each other”. They then left the restaurant and showed up together at a launch for Pharrell William’s new line of trainers.

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6 thoughts on “Nick Carter Judged Not Guilty

  1. SweetLikeChocolate says:

    Is that the “how many synonyms to the word “slut” do you know” game? Mind you, chances are Fred Durst won’t get any – any woman he’s been spotted with over the last 2 years has denied ever having sex with him. Oh wait, it’s Paris Hilton so he might as well get some!

  2. howiesgirl says:

    I agree with all of you guys she is a TRAMP I mean I saw this story on E they were all love reach other kissing making out and stuff that’s sick he will dump her ass in no time. I also read that she’s back with her ex Jason Shaw give me break whose next ? none of her relationships last long anyways.

  3. popmaster167 says:

    Oh yeah, in the top photo, I swear you can see her grabbing that skateboarder guy Chad’s crotch, lol. From those pics I think she is more interested in Pharrel Williams then she is in Fred, maybe she was just using Fred to get to Pharrel.

  4. averageanything says:

    Hate to sound like a “hater” but..Fred Durst is a pervert. He tries to get some from any celeb female that he comes in contact with. He tried making it with Britney..nope, didn’t happen…also tried to convince everyone he got “nookie” from Christina…NOPE, didn’t happen. Pretty soon, once this little friendship/relationship is over, Fred will be trying to “brag” about bagging Paris. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually gets her to take her clothes off since she seems to be the whorish type now a days. I’m glad the relationship with Nick Carter is over, he deserves better than Paris anyway.

  5. EvanescenceSucks says:

    I agree. Durst is a wannabe starf**ker. His band sucks so much, so he has to…(more)’, ‘make false claims about and hang on the arms of more popular celebrities to get any attention. He is a untalented, fat, balding middle aged loser who can’t accept the fact that rap-metal/nu-metal is dead and he’s over.

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Good, at least when she dumps or dogs HIM, HE won’t be afraid to dog on her back…. HE’LL actually speak about *****, and trash her “good” name in the process! Maybe THAT is where the bruises came from….Fred reportedly likes things really REALLY rough.

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