Nick Carter MSN Chat Transcript

star Nick Carter just finished up his chat on MSN. Asked if he misses his Backstreet bandmates when he’s performing all alone, Nick says, “Yes I do. I sometimes look around and wonder where they’re at. But I realize everything they’ve taught me, everything I do, and everything I’ve done, they’ve taught me. I feel no matter what happens, they’ll always be with me. I do enjoy being on stage, even though it’s by myself. I like to show people what I love to do and that’s sing. I love to entertain and make people happy.”

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9 thoughts on “Nick Carter MSN Chat Transcript

  1. eda says:

    I love you and I will always love you Nick…

  2. sizilienpower says:

    hi how are you?

  3. christina says:

    Nick I love you with all my heart…
    I have one small wish I want that you and guys come to Zagreb again..please for me

  4. cristiane couto passos says:

    Hello my name is Cristiane. I love you baby…

  5. Chenoa11 says:

    Nick you are my favorite singer and my favorite band is Backstreet Boys of course!!! You are the best!!!

  6. Chenoa11 says:

    My friend is Natalia and is Ana Tikismiks. It’s a funny thing.

  7. sola says:

    Nick ! you know that I’m just a fan but I really like you I adore you. You are very cute I just love you with all my heart. Come to Lebanon <3 <3 <3 " b7ebak " that’s in Arabic. It means I love you :)

  8. we love you all says:

    Nicky love you hi Nick Carter how are you ok I am Angel Carter we love you

  9. juliana says:

    I love you forever baby.

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