Nick Carter: New Backstreet Boys Album Is ‘Freaking Great’

Nick Carter at a bus stop

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter checked in with his Myspace friends (@nickcarter) on Tuesday (September 11). He writes:

K. So check it. Its been crazy busy for me lately. We’ve finally finished this album. whew… It took forever. But you know what? It was def worth it. Its freaking great. I’m so excited to get it out and get on the road. Well it comes out October 30th. My favorite holiday. In fact. It’s the only one. HALLOWEEN BABY.

So. The reason I wanted to talk to ya was because I wanted to tell you a couple of small things. First is. My MySpace is def under construction. I’m gonna do some crazy things to it. So be prepared. Also BACKSTREETBOYS.COM is gonna be up soon. And when I tell u its gonna be the best site on the web. I MEAN IT! You gotta check it out. HOT AS FIRE!!! So one last thing cause I gotta run. I’m going to eat sushi at GEISHA HOUSE with Angel (yayy sis!!!) I’m gonna be performing at a club in COSTA MESA on the 22nd Called SHARK BAR. I’m gonna do a couple of songs for charity. IT’S FOR CATS. Yay!!! Meow. I’ve been writing a song for my movie FAST GLASS. And I think I’m gonna do that one. Plus the new BSB single INCONSOLABLE. Now I’ll warn ya. It’s only me. But we’re def gonna have some fun. Ok then. AGAIN AS ALWAYS I love ya. And You are awesome for all the support. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. I’m freaking hungry. Gotta run. ha ha

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