Nick Carter On The Prowl

The New York Daily News reports made out with a woman who was not Brittny Gastineau at the Backstreet Boys’ ‘Never Gone’ release party at Suede. Carter later hit Cain with bandmate Kevin Richardson. There, Carter dispatched his bodyguard to comb the club for girls. Though he apparently was impressed with Keith Richards’ daughter Alexandra, she was with her boyfriend, deejay Nic Cohen.

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One thought on “Nick Carter On The Prowl

  1. nickstruemissamerica25 says:

    i met Nick back in 98 and again in 2002 on his now or never tour and he does scope out the girls alot or he has his bodyguards do it for him and they usually pick the prettiest girls to hangout with him but in fact I met him I think its called the white Lounge in chicago and he actually walked up to me,bought me a drink and asked if I wanted to join him and some others in the VIP section I said no of coarse cuz well my fiance was int he bathroom..if I was single though I would yeah hes a typical guy and does he do drugs…I am almost sure he has done them..especially on his solo tour I know he did

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