Nick Carter On TRL Tuesday

star Nick Carter stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to promote the release of his new solo debut album ‘Now or Never’. Nick again denied reports that his Backstreet Bandmates planned on touring without him, saying he talked with the other day who complimented him on the new album. Nick also went through the TRL Wringer. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: [Cheering]There is your man right there nick carter no.
7 he was 9 yesterday. You just saw his video now get to see him in the
fresh he started on the backstreet boys and now he is front and center
ladies and gentlemen, nick carter


Nick: Yeah!


Damien: Well, you know what i think — i think.

Nick: Ooh.

Damien: Stand over here. I think that’s the interview. We can all go

Nick: That’s it?

Damien: Where do you go from there.

Nick: I don’t know.

Damien: How do you feel back in new york you did trl 1000 for our show
and performed “help me”.

Nick: Yeah.

Damien: How was that, the first time with a full band and everything.

Nick: It was incredible. I had almost too much energy. I almostanted
to jump through that window of course i broke the couch in there. I seem
to terrorize trl.

Damien: You need to calm down but the day of your album release. You
are allowed to go a little crazy


Damien: People flyin’ from all over the country to see ya. Talk about
the album. How was it to actually go in the studio and say this is all
me. I’m going to write this time? How did that all come about?

Nick: Well, i went in the studio and from the first time i acin, know
not like planned to do an album i just went in there just to write and
came from the backstreet boys “black & blue” tour in asia


[Inaudible] Baby you know it.

Nick: I got that,, too somewhere.

Nick: But anyways i went into the studio and starting writing some songs
and never really considered myself like an a incredible writer even no
I’m still learning and will get to my point hopefully someday in the future
but the record company liked some i was writin’ and actually the next single
is a song i wrote and i can’t even believe it. It’s called “i do have to
cry for you”


Nick: And I’m still shocked. I can’t believe this is happenin’ you know
seriously even though I’ve been doin’ this for the past 10 years with the
backstreet boys it feels like brand new me and I’m jt happy, that’s all.

Damien: This is great like a new man out here. Do you feel like a new

Nick: I feel like a new man.

Damien: Very cool. There are rumors the four other members will continue
the group without you now that you are kind of a solo star.

Nick: I don’t think so. I don’t think so, not at all i just talked with
kevin and howie and brian the other day. You know, we are straight. Everything
is cool. They are doin’ their thing. You know brian is — you know everybody
knows what everybody is doin’ right now and i think we are understanding.

Damien: Solidarity

Nick: Yes.

Damien: What do they think about the album.

Nick: I got a call from kevin check this out hopefully he’s watchin’.
He called me he’s like, nick, man you know how kevin is, nick, man and
singin’ the song called “i got you” which max wrote and.

Nick: Back to you.

Nick: He’s like it’s funny how life but anyway.

Nick: Sounded just like that.

Nick: And he’s like — he’s like, man, that is a great song and so you
know hi to play — i thank him for that. I thank him for that.

Damien: Go to the window h,ick more after this time for a quick breather.
When we get back nick faces his biggest trl challenge ever see if he fumbles
that’s comin’ up next on trl


Damien: Welcome back to trl. A crazy, crazy trl

[Inaudible] As you can see from all over the country to see that man
nick carter.

Nick: What did you say?

Damien: What ‘up what ‘up?!


Damien: All right. Settle down, kids we got a also something I love
to do one of my favorite things to do on trl we’ll fire a bunch of random
questions at ya whatever comes off the top of your head is game, it’s cool.

Nick: No doubt, dogg.

Damien: A little something we call the wringer


Damien: Here we go. You ready.

Nick: I’m kinda scared, man. Okay, go ahead, ha-ha.

Damien: The last person you kissed, don’t say your mom.

Nick: I don’t remember, bro.

Damien: Come on.

Nick: It’s been a while. I don’t know uhhh, i don’t know.

Damien: You kissed audience members.

Nick: I kissed her last.

Damien: What name do you use when you check into a hotel?

Nick: Tommy lee. I got to change that now, oh, my god what did i just

Damien: Your least favorite backstreet boy song.

Nick: Least favorite ha-ha [Laughter] If you want to be good girl get
yourself a bad boy.

Damien: Your favorite book.

Nick: Called “living free” about a lioness and a woman who takes care
of them, lion cubs.

Damien: Your favorite member of nsync?

Nick: Uhhhhh

[Crowd simultaneously] Uhhhhh.

Damien: They want to know.

Nick: I like justin. Let me tell you why ’cause he’s really cooling,
you know we talked and he support what I’m doin’ and i support what he’s
doin’ he’s cool, i like him.

Damien: The last thing you do before you go to sleep. []

Nick: Say what.

Damien:  The last thing you do before you go to sleep.

Nick: Last thing I do. I take a hot bath. Naked.


Damien: There you go. They like that last movie you cried at.

Nick: Last movie i cried at probably —


Nick: I don’t remember uhhh uhm, “powder” remember that movie?

Damien: That made me cry, too which B.S.B. Spends the most time in front
of 9 mirror.

Nick: Tie between howie and kevin.

Damien: Really.

Nick: But howie. I love you though, dogg don’t get mad.

Damien: Who would you rather hook up with Britney or christine sna nice
day in new york city isn’t it.

Nick: You know, i really love you.

Damien: The wringer, there we go.

Nick: No, no, no honestly.

Damien: You can’t answer because of the dramatic effects are gone.

Nick: All right.

Damien: Your fans at home get in the — in on the action, i can’t even
talk. (888) 311-4343 you will answering some phones are you cool with that?

Nick: I’m down with that.

Damien: Head on over to the phone booth. Back to the countdown flying
up four spots the boys of good charlotte at 6festyles of the rich &
famous” on trl []


Damien: Welcome back to trl beautiful new york city times square I got
the manic carter who has been dancin’ around jumpin’ around doin’ all sorts
of crazy stuff. Today a lot of albums, christina, eminem’s “8 mile” soundtrack
is comin’ out and your album is out, too we go to a “holla back” right
now we’ve been asking people which album they want to grab today. This
is emma from florida, who says:


Nick: Thank you. Thank you so much. Couldn’t see who that was but I’m
from tampa so that’s like where I’m from, so they saw me perform at a show
down there, my first performance, and you know doin’ a full set like of
five songs and, uhm it was awesome. I couldn’t, you know.

Damien:  Nerve-racking?

Nick: Definitely. But you know


Nick: I try to put on one hell of a show for you know the fans out there
performin’ — i mean you know. []

Damien: You can take it, baby, you can take it.

Nick: Yes.

Damien: Back to the videos thank you for being a great sport, by the
way “now or never” go buy it out in stores today nick carter everybody.

Nick: See ya.

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