Nick Carter Poised To Outsell JC In 1st Week Comparison

Contributed by elghato:

In October of 2002, Backstreet Boys star released his solo album ‘Now or Never’. With little promotion, it sold about 67,000 copies in its first week and entered the Billboard Charts at #17. On February 24th of 2004, *NSYNC’s JC Chasez released his solo album ‘Schizophrenic’. fans have spent the past couple of years slamming Nick every chance they got because of his sales, using the words “flop” and “loser” and talentless” and “joke.” They were all sure that JC was the second coming and that he’d sell a couple hundred thousand copies in ‘Schizophrenic’s’ first week out. Well, has assessed that JC’s album will sell about 60,000 copies in its first week. These numbers are extremely low seeing as how JC initially got the same amount of promotion as Nick, plus a lot of free press as a result of his removal from the Probowl halftime show (due to and Janet Jackson’s Nipplegate incident). He took advantage of this and went to every radio and TV station talking about he was the victim, plugging his album at the same time. Still, JC’s album will likely sell fewer copies than what *NSYNC fans deem as a flop (Nick’s ‘Now or Never’), making ‘Schizophrenic’ even more of a flop. To all the people who hated on Nick and praised JC for what they thought would be explosive sales, how ‘ya like them apples?

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