Nick Carter Rocks Out At West Hollywood Concert

Contributed by elgato1019_1:

Yesterday took his Now or Never Tour to the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California. Sev and Vi3 were the opening acts. KKtwins, two girls who attended the show, said, “We met the Jive record label lady @ 8pm because we won Meet n Greet Passes off the radio. Nick came in and signed something for each of us and gave each of us a hug. He then came to us and said, have I met you girls before, and we said yes, we went to the taping of ‘8 Simple Rules’, and he goes oh cool! We went down where the crowd was and found a really close spot off to the side. Nick came out and rocked out. He sprayed water on people and had a blast. He gave a shoutout to Howie D. and Sisqo who were up on the balcony watching. Sisqo was going crazy during IWITW. The youngest Lawrence brother was also at the show. Some people said AJ and Aaron were there, but I never saw them. After the show, we got passed 2 security guards because we showed them our meet n greet passes, and we made it upstairs and were standing right outside Nick’s dressing room.”

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