Nick Carter Says Brian Littrell Wants Him To Leave Group

According to, Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter is suggesting bandmate Brian Littrell is pressuring him to leave the group because of his solo album plans. Nick reportedly told Popcorn Magazine, “This is plain blackmail. It seems like Brian is simply jealous of my plans and tries to push me out of the band.”

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11 thoughts on “Nick Carter Says Brian Littrell Wants Him To Leave Group

  1. Agent_M says:

    lol! prepare for VH1 ‘where are they now’ backstreet boys…or better yet E! True Hollywood story the rise and free fall of the Backstreet Boys

  2. Syndney says:

    That’s funny. How long did it take you to come up with that.

  3. Agent_M says:

    Ah you know a few weeks or so

  4. KaosLover10 says:

    LoL That’s some pretty funny stuff…a whole load of BS, but funny. Probably did take them a few weeks, it’s funny how they think they can actually make people *believe* this crap

  5. HisFaithInMe10 says:

    Would you people get over it! This crap is under “gossip” everything under should be under the subject of “BS” which could also mean “gossip.” Every artist that news is posted on here is full of lies and that’s it. To be honest with you the good and the bad on here I don’t believe unless I hear it else where, like on sites that actually know stuff about Backstreet. If you people are going to be stupid enough to believe in this crap than this site is definitely made for you. And for who ever said that they will be on “Where Are They Now?” Get over yourself! They are making a new album for crying out loud. And all of the guys have had their share in say about Nick’s solo album, and they are all perfectly fine with it. If they weren’t than Nick wouldn’t have even started one! Don’t speak unless you know what you are talking about because obviously you have no clue what you are saying. Anyway for those true to the Backstreet Boys KTBSPA and thanks for supporting them!

  6. No1Uknow says:

    Right…and HisFaithInMe10 has all of the “inside scoop”. Someone was being a hypocrite when they said they should know what they are talking about before they open their mouths.

  7. hiediforhowie says:

    Thanks for encouraging me! I think you are right but I just hate that all we hear is this bad stuff! It gets tiresome. I’m glad there are still so many faithful fans! Thanks for helping me KTBSPA!

  8. HisFaithInMe10 says:

    And how would you know No1uknow what I know and what I don’t? It doesn’t take a scientist to know that this is pure bull crap! I don’t even know what I waste my time replying to such BS, but it’s people like you that make this whole world one gigantic universe of pure gossip. Pay attention to your own life and stop worrying about what the Backstreet Boys are doing. And don’t tell me to do the same because I am a FAN I care what they are doing. Unlike you who is just here to make a joke out of everything posted about them. Oh! And do me a favor before you start calling anyone a “hypocrite” know who it is that you are calling one. Don’t pretend as if you know me, because you don’t and you most likely never will!

  9. KaosLover10 says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean hiediforhowie…people just like to talk crap bout BSB for the hell of it, it’s stupid. It’s isn’t right, and I think I might just know what for a fact. They all have said they’re okay with it, and they have supported AJ with Johnny No Name, so I don’t see the problem here.

  10. BSB_Nirvana says:

    This is a total rumor..I mean,anyone who knows ANYTHING about Backstreet knows that Brian and Nick are the best of friends..and hey,they all supported AJ when he did his solo thing,why wouldn’t they support Nick? KTBSPA.

  11. 1melinda5 says:

    This is absolute crap.. Brian and Nick are the very best of friends, they play ball together and when Leighanne isn’t on the road they often share a room, cause nick doesn’t like to be alone…we’re not even going to discuss the both of them addicted to video games…if you will remember Brian wrote several songs for Aaron’s albums….you’ve got to do better than this …true BSB fans know better.

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