Nick Carter Shaves His Head For Tony The Tiger

Backstreet Boys star attended the announcement of The Gr-r-reat Tony the Tiger Awards at the Hudson Theater earlier today (August 15) in New York City. Ten finalists, recognized for overcoming personal challenges, will receive a $10,000 college scholarship and a chance to appear with Tony the Tiger on a box of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal. Check out awards photos from, and press conference photos from the Millenium Hotel from

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11 thoughts on “Nick Carter Shaves His Head For Tony The Tiger

  1. Smile says:

    This man is crazy! lol. It looks like to me he dyed his hair black and then wetted in back. It’s not a big deal. His hair will grow back.
    P.S: To those who were wondering about Nick’s new tattoo, he still has his shark tattoo and the Chinese symbols, but now there encircled in his school’s (I think his high school or fav college) symbol.

  2. BSBfanatic935 says:

    It sure is a shock! lol but seriously… he looks cute! and thanks for the info on his new tat… I thought he covered up the sharks and Chinese symbols so I’m glad he didn’t

  3. dum_BLONDE says:

    OMG when I came to pop dirt like the first thing I see is something about Nick shaving in head and I just froze…I haven’t looked at the pics yet, but omg I never thought he’d do this!! Oh well, I’m sure he still looks good.

    Sorry that I’m back again, but I just have to add: $5 says some Nsync fan will look at these pictures and respond by saying “oh my god, he’s copying what Justin did, oh my god…blah blah blah

  4. Smile says:

    It’s so funny if Nsync fans think that every time a singer gets there hair cut, there copying Justin. Let’s try and understand that if Nick doesn’t cut his hair, it’s going to grow too long. Nick’s hair cut looks nothing like Justin’s – there hair isn’t the same.

  5. BrezerAc_88 says:

    Aww! Nick STill looks like a QT pie! :) This surprises me though! When i read that he shaved his head i thought it meant like no hair! none! haha i got kinda scared!

  6. BlackQueen says:

    From reading all of you guys comments, I’ve come to the conclusion that you guys, are true teeny boppers.

    Everything that is posted on this site bout Justin, you guys say *****. When stuff is posted about Nick, most of the NSYNC fans don’t even bother. I guess we’re not stuck in 1995. There is no rivalry.

    BSB fans, I know there are some of you out there who are mature, please represent yourselves, cause these peeps here, are making ya’ll look bad.

    Grow up, and stop hatin’. And if you can’t do that, hate for a reason, a reasonable one….PEACE

  7. Smile says:

    I didn’t say anything about Justin other than I know that some Nsync fans think that because Nick cut his hair, he’s copying Justin. Other than that the only thing that was said was that Nsync fans would came on this board and talk – which is what you did. If that’s called being a teenybopper, then I guess it’s not such a bad thing to be. As for Nsync fans never talking under BSB news – it happens everyday with Nellysgirl. Though I will say it’s been quiet today because for some reason she hasn’t posted. She must be busy today.

  8. KaOs_BaBe28 says:

    grrrr! i can’t get the pictures to come up, it keeps taking me to this screen…could someone send them to me thru email? please? if anyone’s still on? i really gotta see this! thanks so much.

  9. sweetcheeks says:

    I, as an Nsync fan, wasn’t even thinking about comparing nick to Justin…I just would never do that. But since you brought it up…remember when Chris got a mohawk? Yeah, about a thousand bsb fans posted that he was “like, totally copying kevin from the Backstreet Boys!” That’s not teenybopper-ish?

    I do agree with you, nellysgirl get’s out of hand. But if you don’t want other Nsync fans posting under bsb news, you shouldn’t mention Nsync or their fans when you’re posting. Because I don’t know about other people, but I read every article on this site. If I see someone bashing me or my boys, I’m gonna say something, as I’m sure you would. It’s a natural reaction.

    It’s all love though, I have nothing against bsb, I’m just against all the comparisons and rivalry(which in reality is non-existent). =)

  10. killabot says:

    guys, u r the biggest losers in the world. i don’t usually post but when i saw all the comments, i really had to. bsb r horrible. they can’t sing and they r fat. nsync 2 can’t sing and that joey guy? what a joke. and WHO cares if nick shaves his head!!!!!!!! there r starving people in the world and people dying all around us and all u guys can think about is “nick shaved his head, on no”. what losers.

  11. dum_BLONDE says:

    Can I just make one quick point? Okay, I’m not trying to ‘defend’ anyone who makes rude remarks about either BSB or Nsync. But it’s different when someone makes fun of Nsync under a BSB article, then under an Nsync article. It’s kinda hard to explain, but I think if certain BSB fans want to make fun of Nsync because they feel the need, it’s better to do it under a BSB article than under an Nsync one. Because BSB articles are posted here specifically for BSB fans to see, and not Nsync fans.

    But if someone goes INTO an Nsync article and then continues to make remarks about them under there, than it’s a little more rude, because it’s a place where Nsync fans wouldn’t expect to find disses at their fave band. But when they do it under a BSB article, it’s more expected because some BSB fans don’t like Nsync. Does that make sense?? lol

    Personally I think it should all just end and have NOBODY dissing either band. I’ve tried to contribute to and end of this by not really saying anything rude about Nsync the past few days or so. Or at least I’ve kept it to a small minimum.

    Basically, the only reason Nsync fans come into the BSB articles is because their looking for disses at Nsync because they know they can find it there. And they get all defensive and say rude things about BSB and it gets all out of hand.

    And I’m not saying the BSB fans are angels either, because it works completely both ways. BASICALLY I think that if you don’t want to see your group made fun of, then don’t go into articles about their “rival” group because you know you’ll find it there. Dammit, I hope this is making sense!!! Cuz so far I can’t even understand what I’m saying, lol. It’s kinda hard to explain…but if you DO understand what I mean, please take the time to think about things before you say or do them. =)


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