Nick Carter Special On Entertainment Tonight?

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A fan from the Backstreet Boys Forum at submitted to BackstreetNews Group at Yahoo her experience meeting this morning on Regis and Kelly. She said that Nick told her to wave at the ET cameras which had been following Nick all morning. So, you can watch ET over the next couple of days and probably catch a special on Nick promoting ‘Now or Never.’

today must have been my lucky day…

I got to “Regis and Kelly” a little after six. By then there were a significant number of people waiting for “standby” tickets. I just got in the back of the line and was talking with the people around me. None of them were there for Nick and were surprised that there was such a long line at that hour. Most of the “Nick girls” were at the front of the line, some having been there all night. Anyway the woman in front of me told me she had an extra ticket for me. I nearly freaked!! (had to resist kissing her, LOL) At that time I really didn’t realize how lucky it was that I spoke to the woman. I was confident I was going to get in on standby. Turns out, none of the standby people got in- not even the girls that were there overnight I think I was the only Nick fan that got in!!

Once I was in- let me say this. I was shaking! Here I was, with no other BSB fans in there for moral support and Nick was gonna be singing feet from me!!

The show was great!!! I cheered VERY loudly and of course sang/ danced along. I guess Regis must have seen me because during the break he came over to me and gave me the copy he had of Now or Never!!!

Unfortunately it seems the broadcast cut most of My Confession, which is a total pity because Nick was jumping up and down and was really hyper

As Nick was leaving I got pictures with him and gave him the CD to autograph. He asked me where I got it and I told him “Regis gave it to me, but don’t worry, I’m going to buy one on October 29 too.” So this guy standing behind him said “thank you.” So I look at him and asked if he’s Nick’s new Bodyguard. He said no that he is Nick’s manager. I said “hi, I’m Rebecca” and shook his hand * snort * I’m a dork! So I talked to him. And when I asked him about Toys R Us all he said was “no, he’s going to be at Macy’s.” So I dunno about that.

Nick told us to wave to the ET camera- they were following him for the day. He told the camera what great fans we are to come out so early in the morning, awww!! (Someone else said it was E! so I don’t know which it was.)

A couple of other things, it was really funny to see all the girls outside the hotel holding Macy’s bags- too funny. One of the men from Nick’s “camp” was joking about how Macy’s took us all for a ride. I got 2 skirts for the $50 thank you very much

And to the girl that brought a chair to sit outside the hotel, LMFAO!!!!!! BSB fans are setting up camp

We all stood outside his hotel and read the “thank yous” in the CD jacket. It is really sweet and touching, and was a nice moment for us fans to share together. Aside from the occasional squeal, we didn’t cause too much of a commotion

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