Nick Carter Sports Mohawk As Well

Contributed by KKtwins:

Looks as if isn’t the only Backstreet Boy sporting a mohawk. In a recent picture, has the hairdo as well!

Admin note: Well where is the photo? UPDATE: Nick’s mohawk is an old photo.

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3 thoughts on “Nick Carter Sports Mohawk As Well

  1. NIMUE says:

    The picture of Nick Carter with a “mohawk” is on It is an old picture-?? date. Personally, I think Kevin lost some kind of bet–and MY guess is it with NICK. Maybe Nick getting him back for that mohawk a year ago??? LOL Much ado about nothing!! And if you look CLOSELY, I think Kevin’s hair is SLICKED BACK on the sides, NOT buzzed!!! LOL It will grow back!! NIMUE

  2. EndIsNear says:

    The pic of Nick is old.

    He’s not sporting a mohawk now.

    He’s in Europe recording his solo cd against the will of the other four guys.

    Why in the world should he sport a mohawk in this moment?

  3. blacknbluegirl128 says:

    He’s not recording it against the guys will. They were just mad cause he was gonna release it before the next BSB album so they had a meeting and supposedly, hes gonna wait till after the BSB album to release the solo one.

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