Nick Carter Struggles With His Name At Mall Of America

star Nick Carter had trouble signing his own name for a fan at the Mall of America on Thursday. murfydog writes on the forum, “I worked until 4:30 and right after work my friend and I went down and got our wrist bands and went to the end of the line for the yellow wrist bands and about 7:48 we FINALLY got up to were he was, once we got up on stage it flew by so fast. He signed the cover and I was able to get him to shake my hand. We were told that there was no pictures, hugs or kisses allowed ( which sucked). I had to laugh at him though when he signed my cover he forgot how to spell his name. He got the Nic down and it took a bit for him to get the k down. Even though I was in line for 3 hours and it took only seconds for it to end it was completely worth it. He was such a sweet guy!”

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