Nick Carter Talks Plea Bargain, Solo Stuff & Backstreet

was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk with Quddus. Nick talked about what he had to do after his plea bargain following the arrest in Tampa. Nick also talked reluctantly about his solo stuff as well as the status of the Backstreet Boys. Read on for a transcript of their telephone chat.

Quddus: My next guest has a lot of interesting stuff in the works and anxious to tell y’all about i if my records are krek they are scheduled for retirement tomorrow on the phone Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

Nick Carter: Ha-ha.

Quddus: Ways sup.

Phoner: Wha’ssup. How are you doin’.

Quddus: Good brother how are you.

Nick Carter: Good Quddus

Quddus: The last time I saw you the rock n jock an Philly and the last
time we talked up to the trouble at the Tampa nightclub but the charges are dropped.

Nick Carter: Everything was dropped. Like I said, you know, the one
thing that happened, you know, I think it was a big understanding with the, you know, cop and stuff but it actually turned out for the better for me. I was required to go do a little bit of community service but it was not the kinds of community since that you you, you know, you are used to. I went to a hospital and actually visited some sick children and stuff so, you know, it actually, you know the Lord works in mysterious way, you know. I usually wouldn’t have time to do that and it really touched me so i’m glad it actually happened to me.

Quddus: Very cool. Very cool. absolutely, man, That’s very cool. Now
there is a lot of rumors circulating about the and your future and everything. Uhm, wha’ssup? I hear this is a solo project.

Nick Carter: Uhh, well, ul.

Quddus: Are you tired of answerin’ that question? Come on now.

Nick Carter: I’ve been in the studio and record something music on my
own, I was just actually in New York yesterday I was at Battery Studios Jive recording and you know what i mean I’m in the midst of doing some stuff on myself by myself and also with the boys too. I think we’ll be having a meeting talkin’ today about what the future’s gonna hold but I’m really like psyched. I want that do s by myself, too, really.

Quddus: What will the solo project sound like, pop stuff still or –.

Nick Carter: I think everybody kinda knows I’ve been rock influenced
and I think I’m a do little bit of rock pop probably but is gonna be some really edgy and different stuff.

Quddus: Cool. Y’all lookin’ forward to that project comin’ out? All right. Man. Speaking of your side projects there is one that is kind of unusual and it has to do with a boat. Why don’t you tell us about it?

Nick Carter: Yeah. Actually, it was — it was funny I had gone down to Key West, you know, are the spring break time when MTV was down there and there was — there was this big race goin’ on down there, power-boat races and I checked it out, my family and dad we hung down there. I fell in love with it, it was you a some, these big boats racing on the water and you know I figured it was something that wasn’t too new to people out there so I decided you know I wanted to maybe get into it, so that’s what I did, I bought a boat, one of the powerboats and I’m racing in an organization called the A.P.B.A., It’s kinda like NASCAR you know how they have a team, well I got a team now. I figure instead of like a clothing like other entertainers do I’m getting a also bit more adventurous and dangerous you know what I’m sayin’.

Quddus: Participating in your first official race April 25th to 28th right.

Nick Carter: Yeah, the 25th, through 28th and Daytona, we got to bust
one of them dates too but you know my dad actually — the main reason I did get into it my dad has been drivin’ racin’ boats his whole entire life and I wanted to see one of my dad’s dreams come true so he will be one of the racers that will be in the boat. It is goin’ to be pretty great.

Quddus: Family thing. Nick thanks for callin’ in.

Nick Carter: No doubt.

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