Nick Carter Tells A Funny

was feeling funny while chowing down on some sushi earlier today. The Backstreet Boys star writes on his Twitter page (@nick_carter):

Ok here’s my joke! Are you ready….

What did the man say when the house fell on him?


That’s me laughing at my joke. Haha… I made a funny.

Nick Carter laughs at his own joke

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9 thoughts on “Nick Carter Tells A Funny

  1. Katie says:

    Hey,Nick I didn’t understand this joke=(have you got some other jokes?Would you write them?

  2. uritina says:

    Merry Christmas for you Nick Jesus always be said me and you, good boy

  3. uritina says:

    Nick how are you? Nick I’m your fan from Indonesia
    Nick l like you. Nick l love you I’m your fan Nick Carter, love Nick Carter.

  4. uritina says:

    Nick l need you talk to me.. I’m so so love with you. I’m your fan from Indonesia

  5. uritina says:

    Nick Carter how are you today?
    nick l like you song is “do l have to cry for you”
    l love you Nick by uritina

  6. AJ Mclean says:

    I absolutely love the joke, not! but he is adorable.

  7. annesonn says:

    it was awesome having a chance to leave a comment for such a huge star in music industry ..
    i just like to let you know that I’m in love with all of your songs :-)
    and I like you ;-P

  8. we love you all says:

    I see crazy boy

  9. lorna guyo talingting says:

    Hi Nick, I’m Lorna from Philippines.I hope to see you someday and watch u guys in your concert.i am a super fan of BSB I been collecting a lot of your music hahah. .Anyway have a good life as always.Good luck and i love you Nick :) Mwaaah and a hug for you so tight :-)

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