Nick Carter To Cameo On ‘Cattle Drive’

‘The Insider’ correspondent Marc S. Malkin reports that E!’s new reality show, ‘Cattle Drive’, will likely feature a cameo from . The Backstreet Boys star visited his girlfriend, footballer offspring Brittny Gastineau, during shooting of the reality series from Joe Simpson that features children of the rich and famous living on the open range. Malkin added that Carter met Gastineau by having his publicist call her publicist to arrange a date.

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2 thoughts on “Nick Carter To Cameo On ‘Cattle Drive’

  1. CarterGirl769 says:

    Haha I agree…Nicky needs to get better taste in girls. LIKE ME!!!! lol

  2. CarterGirl769 says:

    He’s not really going out with another dumbass is he??? Does he have any sense? NICKY!!!!!! STOP GOING FOR THE RETARDED MILLIONAIRES WITH NO BRAIN AND NO WORK ABILITY!!!!!! Don’t you see how much you’ve worked with BSB and how little these girls like Paris Hilton and Brittany work???? And they have more or the same amount of money as you!! Find a good girl…a normal person would be nice. Learn your lesson once and for all! These girls are BRATS!

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