Nick Carter To Join Dad At Boat Race

Contributed by elgato:

NicksAZChic62 from the forum at says, “Marc & Bob are in Orange Beach and will be racing tomorrow. Nick has the show tonight in Atlantic City, and will then be going to the races tomorrow morning. I’m not sure what boat they are racing, but if I find out, I will let you know. Wish them luck!”

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8 thoughts on “Nick Carter To Join Dad At Boat Race

  1. Stallion says:

    Well good luck to them.

  2. mharinck says:

    “Elgato is gay…….how many guys do you know that have there own Backstreet Boys website how many guys do you know write awful songs about the Backstreet Boys” …. you are being ridiculous wHoRe! ‘If’ Elgato is a gay ’cause he’s a BSB fan then you are a ‘gay’ 2 ’cause you are N’sync fans..Come on, you don’t know every N’sync fans n I bet, there is some guys out there 2 who owns N’sync websites n write a songs about them ’cause I even read a magazines about an N’sync (guy)fan that wrote a songs/poems about them….so STOPPED being ‘silly’!!! Anyway……GOOD LUCK GUYS!

  3. Minxy says:

    Stalion – what a very narrow minded view you have of this world. Just because a male is a fan of a male group it does not make him gay. I’m a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson, does that make me a lesbian?

  4. popnicklover says:

    Really, Stallwhore. If elgato is gay for liking Backstreet, then you must be gay for liking N Sync. Did you not say you’re a male?! Don’t be a damn hypocrite.

  5. Stallion says:

    I’m not calling Elgato gay for liking the Backstreet Boys. Next you are going to excuse me of saying that only Black people listen to rap or only white people listen to Rock&Roll. I’ve talk to a few people here on popdirt that has convince me that Elgato is gay.

  6. Minxy says:

    “I know some guys that like the Backstreet Boys but none of them write songs about them or have their own website.” doesn’t make him gay… and even if he is gay, what business is it of yours? What’s so wrong with being gay?

    resorting to name calling isn’t very mature darling – just shows you have no valid argument.

    Stallion, no one was talking to you either when you offered your comments so grow up! And BeckyBoo29 so what if Elgato is gay, what’s it got to do with you? In fact what’s it got to do with anyone? This is all so pathetic, I go around here and yes I am A Backstreet Boys fan (slag me off if you will, I don’t care and I’m proud to say I’m a fan) but all I see is idiots slagging them off and idiots slagging each other off for no reason. If you don’t like BSB why in the hell do you be so pathetic as to read news about them…if you’re going to comment on anyone, look at yourself and your own childish behaviour before you do so.

  7. BeckyBoo29 says:

    That’s already a known fact, that elgato is gay. I thought he was open with it, I didn’t know he wasn’t, must be the way he acts. Seriously he is, not because he likes the Backstreet Boys or that he has sites about them or whatever. Just because he acts gay, the things he says is gay. I’m not saying I have a stereotype of a gay person, or that hate gays. I just hate elgato, and he gives not only Backstreet fans a bad name but every person a bad name. I’m just retaliating elgato don’t you ever call me a who*e again. And I’m not kidding I think you are gay.

  8. BeckyBoo29 says:

    I am a Backstreet fan Minxy, and I have a right to my opinions being heard and my opinion is elgato is gay. Childish, is what your doing Minxy, wasting your time on helpless causes like myself lol. I can’t be helped and I can’t be changed I’m just me and that’s real.

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