Nick Carter Turns Mexico Upside Down

Contributed by elgato:

Gamaliel Luna of reviewed Nick Carter’s concert at the Metropolitan Theatre in Mexico last week and concluded that the star “turned the Metropolitan upside down.” Nick returned to Mexico after coming to the country 2 months ago to promote his solo album ‘Now or Never.’ And the fans were ecstatic to have him back. Luna observed that “each time Nicholas (sic) Gene Carter visits Mexico he is surprised, like the first time, by the reception of his fans; and now it appears either as a soloist or as a member of the Backstreet Boys, he will begin or end his tours here, like he once claimed.” Nick, much slimmer now, addressed the crowd saying, “First and foremost let me introduce myself… I am and it’s great to be in Mexico again… I love tequila, do you like tequila?” He did the typical ‘Nick Carter’ stage antics: spraying the crowd with water, rapping, climbing the stage, etc. And the fans who were “completely aware of their hysteria, behaved in a manner without regard to the fact that they didn’t have earplugs, because for them all that mattered was to be in the world of the 23-year-old.” Aftr Nick’s set, there were “3,200 satisfied fans, 6,400 ears damaged, and an echo of “Nick, Nick, Nick” in the Metropolitan Theatre.”

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