Nick Carter Vacation Turns Into Griswalds-esque Experience

star checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Friday (August 25). “Hey you. Its been a while I know,” Carter writes. “But anyways, I’ve been super busy. Things have really just made a 180 in my life. If I’m correct, it’s been months since I’ve checked my space here. I almost thought they would have erased my page by now. Well, here’s a little bit of whats going on. I just got done filming this crazy ass show, ‘House Of Carters’. It was an experience, I’ll tell you that. One of the best things that happened was that it really brought my family back together. Of course it’s gonna be a long haul, but we’re moving in the right direction. I decided to take a vacation, so I hopped in my car with two of my buddies (Chris and Matt) and headed to Vegas. It got a little boring there, so we decided to head north. I really needed some quiet time, I was feeling some woods of something maybe a state park like Yosemite. I thought it would be cool sleeping in a tent with the bears. So on our way, we passed through a town called Tonopah. Let me tell ya, in the middle of no where!! Anyways, guess what happened, my fuel pump takes a crap. (I think that there is some sort of magnetic pull thing going on there, cause I met someone in Tahoe that had the same thing happen. Or maybe its a curse) So we wait for hours for a tow truck. We traveled for four hours with this guy mark (tow truck driver) to a city, Reno! So to make a long story short, I now am in Lake Tahoe stranded. Not too bad though. It’s very beautiful. We went to this club called VEX and ripped the town up. I have a feeling their gonna kick me out soon. So I think I’ll be here for a couple more days. I think I’m gonna rent a boat and go tubing. YA WANNA COME.. Well on the business tip, I’m still recording with the boys .. it’s crazy cause there’s definitely some interesting stuff happening as far as deciding what direction to go. If ya got any IDEAS? Ok ok. I’m rambling. The truth is, I wanna thank you for sticking with me through the hard times, and believing in me. You’re awesome. Well. Ya know, I gotta say it. October 2nd, on E!, HOUSE OF CRAZY ASS CARTERS. Oh, and IF you WANNA hang, come to Tahoe…. We’re going surfing .. I mean …skiing .. um no….fishing….well.. boating.. bikinis are optional…..he he.”

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