Nick Carter Versus Michael Jackson?

Contributed by elgato1019_1: Backstreet Boys fansite has unveiled a clip of an exclusive Nick Carter track the site has come upon. The Carter track is a song called ‘Wanna Shout’ that was produced by former Blackstreet member Teddy Riley. Riley offered the song for his album ‘Invincible.’ Since Michael didn’t use the song, Riley offered it to Nick. Nick is using the song as a bonus track on certain copies of “Now or Never” and also as a B-side on certain singles. I’m not sure if this new version is a remix of an old Michael song (perhaps ‘Scream’) or if it actually features new vocals by Michael himself. Anyway, the lyrics on the song are very deep, dealing with drugs, poverty, war, etc. You could say that Nick is sort of rapping on the track instead of singing. DLS has an audio and video clip of the ‘Wanna Shout’ preview and will release the full version soon. The clips have since been removed.

Jacko Plotting Film Starring Himself & His Kids

January 6, 2003 – Star magazine reports has had top secret meetings at his Neverland ranch with writers, hoping they’ll come up with a movie idea for him and his three kids. Jacko wants the film to be inspirational and family oriented, perhaps like the Julie Andrews’ classic ‘The Sound of Music’.

Furious At Baby Dangling Game

December 30, 2002 – WENN reports Michael is “fuming” over the Michael Jackson Baby Drop online game launched on Madblast.Com. He reportedly told a pal, “I regret what I did but to have a game where I drop babies to their death is just sick beyond belief.” Jackson is reportedly considering suing the website’s Los Angeles owners, eUniverse Inc.

Jacko’s Biggest Worry Is Being Called Gay

December 30, 2002 – The National Enquirer reports Michael Jackson’s biggest worries these days are rumors that he’s gay. A source close to the singer said, “Michael said, ‘They can say what they want about me, but don’t call me gay.” The source added, “With officials looking to see if he’s a fit father to his three children, Michael dreads any discussion that he may be gay or bisexual. He thinks it would raise again the ugly specter of child molestation charges that he paid millions to be rid of in the past.”

Jacko To Establish Charitable Foundation For Kids

December 27, 2002 – A source close to Michael Jackson tells the New York Daily News that there was a reason the singer sent out a videotaped Christmas message to children. “This video is a glimpse of what he’s going to do in 2003 – establish a charitable foundation for children,” the source says. “It hasn’t been named yet, but it’s going to be worldwide, kids helping other kids who are less fortunate, with a concert kicking it off.”

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