Nick Carter Will Present At The Radio Music Awards

Contributed by elgato:

According to KellyBSBLover from the Backstreet Dirt Forums and, “Nick will be presenting a prize in the ‘Radio Music Awards’ that will be celebrated Monday the 27th from Las Vegas and will be retransmitted in direct by NBC. Besides presenting one of the prizes of the night, Nick will take advantage of his stay in the city to grant some interviews to the radio stations. Besides that, we can conclude that he continues recording in Los Angeles (in spite of the stops to attend commitments professional and personal) and that the next stops will be Europe and later New York.”

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8 thoughts on “Nick Carter Will Present At The Radio Music Awards

  1. elgato says:

    It’s gonna be a good show. I remember when BSB hosted it a few years ago

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    BSB hosted it? I don’t remember that….. OH well….. Personal commitments…..wonder what THOSE could be! I’m sure his parents thing is part of it. I know it’s none of my business, but I still like to be in the loop….for whatever reason!

  3. XTremeKaos says:

    I remember when BSB hosted it. It was a really good show that year…it was 2000. BSB won an award but the people backstage played an *N Sync song when they went out, it was hilarious. They showed Lance in the audience, he looked embarrassed. Oh my god and Nick looked great that night.

  4. XtinaFighter says:

    Oh no.. Nick is trying to get back in the loop when he is so not popular anymore! go away Nick no one likes you anymore!

  5. babet says:

    Who? Never mind. it must be some nobody that awards shows get to present awards. no biggy…they pop up here and there once in a while …..just to fill up space.

  6. XTremeKaos says:

    Yeah….Nick doesn’t have anyone liking him anymore. That whole “nice, talented, attractive” guy thing is completely OVER. Not to mention that no matter where he goes in the world, groups of girls follow him. But he doesn’t have anyone liking him anymore. …almost.

  7. popnicklover says:

    I heard something a little different. I heard both Nick AND HOWIE will be presenting a tribute award to Michael Jackson….got the info from boymostlikely. Anyways, I’ll definitely be watching tonight!

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Um, I think the numerous fans on THIS SITE ALONE prove that the “no one likes you anymore” comment is wrong!! maybe he’s not as popular as he once was, but there are still people who like him! Lord child, you really need to take a class in critical thinking.

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