Nick Carter’s Breakup With Paris Hilton Led To DUI reports that star is blaming ex-girlfriend for his recent drunken driving arrest. “He still hasn’t got over her. He begged her to get back together but she wanted to continue playing the field,” a friend said. While the heiress was playing the field, Carter was allegedly hitting the bottle.

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One thought on “Nick Carter’s Breakup With Paris Hilton Led To DUI

  1. galleta says:

    I really doubt that Nick is so upset over his breakup with that human hotel that he’s drinking himself into stupidity. Come on Nick is like any other man, he got what he wanted from that hotel now he is ready to move on, what man would actually take Paris seriously, heck she doesn’t even take herself seriously. She knows she’s a slut and she loves that reputation. No I doubt Nick was driving drunk because of Paris

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