Nick Carter’s Cosmogirl Interview

Contributed by MissE119:

The website Dirty Little Secrets has star Nick Carter’s interview with Cosmogirl. The article talks about Nick’s broken heart and getting arrested.

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11 thoughts on “Nick Carter’s Cosmogirl Interview

  1. dum_BLONDE says:

    Awww, what a great guy. It’s so funny how embarrassed he gets whenever people say he’s good looking. A girl I know got to meet him during the Black & Blue tour (she’s around his age) and she ended up telling him that she thought he was unbelievably sexy and he was like “What?! Oh my god, stop. No way…” and he seriously got like so embarrassed, lol. Anyway, I tried to see the pics but they didn’t show up. Oh well, I’m subscribed to that mag anyways and can’t wait to open my mailbox and he that cute lil smirk of his inside, yay! haha, =)

  2. Syndney says:

    I don’t see the great guy part. Maybe I missed that.

  3. dum_BLONDE says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t say ‘great guy’. I just like the fact that he seems pretty humble. I mean there’s so many guys his age that wear crumpled jeans off the floor & walk around with their do’s all mussed up. I’m not really saying that makes him “great” I guess, just glad to see he’s still like every other regular guy out there.

    He could be wearing a new pair of pants every day if he wanted to, or have a stylist fix his hair every day.

    He’s one of the few celebs out there that I’ve seen wear the same shirt &/or shoes more than just 2 times before discarding it. Unlike most other people with millions of dollars, he still wears the same pair of shoes for a year because he wants to, not because the press want him to spend all the money he has on endless amounts of clothes.

    I’m not saying he’s completely normal, but it’s just refreshing to see people that aren’t afraid to cry when cameras are around, or who can wear the same outfit more than once. I guess I’m just rambling but it’s rare you see a celebrity do that. And I know a bunch of Nsync fans will probably flip me sh¡t for everything I just said, but so what. I’m a fan of Nick’s music, and a fan of him. Who cares what y’all think. If the music’s good, I’ll settle for that.

  4. Syndney says:

    I could go somewhere with the clothing comment but going to leave that one alone. I just don’t see it even in his music something about it appears contrived to me.

  5. nemi says:

    I’m not a Nick Carter fan, but I have to admit I really like his new song, he is doing an awesome job I think. Nick Carter has to be the celebrity in this world that deals with the fame the best! He is SO down to earth, and he is not trying to be someone he’s not. Very very good coming from a guy that have been in the spot-light since he was 12 or at least 15. As a matter of fact I think the Backstreet Boys are all very kind and down to earth, almost make me a fan of who they really are! There is just something special about this guys that I believe will keep them going one way or another. GO BACKSTREET!

  6. Smile says:

    What makes Nick a nice guys is how normal he acts. The way he turns everything into a positive somehow. The way he cares about everybody. I can’t explain it – but I can see it in him. He really does have a whole lot of heart. I’m confused on the clothes thing. The only thing he has worn more than once was his sandal things. There shoes people, you can wear them more than once. lol.

    Um, what about his clothes? You can’t tell me that you wear a shirt once, then throw it away. lol. You can wear a shirt, wash it, wear it again (most of the time in a few days) and everything is cool. But, if Nick does it he just has to smell. lol. Come on people! He’s doing everything the rest of us do.

  7. KaosLover10 says:

    Omg, that article is so cute. That exactly is what makes BSB what they are. They’re such nice people and haven’t let all that sh!t go to their head. You can totally tell that Nick is normal, and is so cool…he gets embarrassed by people telling him he’s good looking, and he’s been getting that since he was like 12! So, that goes to show, they’re much more then awesome singers. I’m happy to hear that even the people who aren’t fans of Nick are taking this the way it should be taken. She was right about everything she said about how BSB are such great people. And to whoever keeps saying that they don’t see the greatness…well, I don’t even wanna bother to help, because most likely you do, but your too stubborn to actually admit it just because you don’t like BSB.

  8. dum_BLONDE says:

    I guess the whole clothes thing I rambled on about was a little irrelevant, lol. It was pretty late here when I wrote it…haha. Either way, I just meant that it’s good that he doesn’t act all diva like and try & be something different. Most celebrities know they’re on a higher level & pedestal than the average public and some just go to really odd & extreme measures to show it off. I just don’t see Nick doing that too much, ya know?! Maybe this only makes sense to me…lol

  9. dreamish says:

    you are so right, i mean i admit it, i’ve been a bsb fan since i heard their song quit playin games with my heart. and then in the gap that followed all their cd’s i kinda lost interest in them. that was kinda off topic , but i just wanted to say, that nick is truly one of a kind. and i love how he gets embarrassed when people say how hot he looks. that’s cute.

  10. Smile says:

    dum_BLONDE~ I understand what your saying. My comment was to all the haters that pick on Nick because he wears the same shirt twice or the same shoes twice or whatever. lol. Everybody on this site wears there clothes more than once. That’s want the washer and drier are used for.

  11. nYLa says:

    People stop hatin….I’m a bsb fan, as well as a kinda nsync fan I think this is so freakin childish. Who knows if we really know the real person behind the celebrity. Its not their fault that sometimes they have lie so people can just lay off them. To be honest with you and this is true BSB are all truly sweet down to earth guys. The same goes for NSYNC, as much as you guys keep saying oh its all an act…I don’t really care! because I met both groups and they are really nice!

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