Nick Carter’s ‘Now Or Never’ Thank-You’s

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I got this from BackstreetNews Group at Yahoo. In the liner notes to Nick Carter’s “Now or Never,” he thanks his fans for giving him the opportunity to do what he loves. Then he thanks his group Born Into Kaos. He also thanks his family, including his mom, dad, and Aaron. Last but definitely not least, Nick thanks his brothers Howie, Kevin, AJ, and Brian. He dedicates the entire album to BSB. Read on for all the “thank you’s.”

Sometimes I wonder what it looks like through someone else’s eyes. To see the grass change colors while the seasons change. To watch as the sun slowly drifts across the blue sky until it vanishes beneath the crest of the earth. Or maybe even live in another world- a world in which life is not so fortunate, A world where the eyes that I look through see pain more than love, greed more than giving or even war over peace. Sometimes these thoughts cross my mind and when they do I realize the truth. The truth where I stand. At the age of 22 I’ve seen so many things, some good, some bad, some things that a young man should never have seen. But I did and it hit me, I have been so blessed. Blessed to do something that I love. Even blessed to be given the opportunity to make a difference. The other thing that I have learned at the age of 22 is that music is a part of everyone’s life and to be a part of something that can mean so much to someone else’s life is an honor.

So thank you. You, for giving me the chance to make a difference in someone’s life. You who read this. You who listen. You know who you are. You’re my fans and without a doubt, I love you. Thank you!

Also gotta shout out to…Momma, Pops I love you (there’s no Nick without them) Hee Hee. Aaron (airhead) love ya bro, I’m still a better baller. Leslie (sing it girl) love you too. BJ (ain’t nothing gonna happen to you while I’m around) love you. Angel. I don’t get to see you as much as I’d like to but just because I can’t doesn’t mean I love you any less. Oh and I can’t forget my dogs! Brent, Lane, James, Frank (BIK all the way). Tony Bass- you are the glue that keeps me together. Mike Self- thanks for being there for me.

And last but not least for the past 10 years I’ve had the best family that anyone could ask for. They’ve been my fathers, my brothers, my mentors, my everything. They’ve taught me how to value life and I have a little bit of each of them in my blood. And so I thank you Howie, Kevin, AJ, and Brian- I love you guys and it’s because of you that I can do this. So with all the sweat, blood and tears that we have shared together I dedicate this album to you.

Transcript: BSB-phile from the BSB Forum @

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