Nick Carter’s Official Website

Contributed by MissE119:

Ahead of his solo debut, Backstreet Boys star ’s official website has finally been put up. On this website, they say that Nick’s album is due out on October 22nd and that his first listen with AOL should be coming up soon.

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20 Responses to Nick Carter’s Official Website

  1. Muthia Amanda says:

    Hello Nick!! You know what??? I’m your fanatic and of course with BSB too!! I will love you as long as I live!

  2. jackie says:

    Lets see how official this really is. I have a 22 yr old daughter who is in love with Nick Carter , talks to him online (not) she is mentally challenged and a lady has contacted her claiming to be is ex-manager and is trying to send her a plane ticket to British Columbia Canada. Can anyone help me to find out if this person is telling the truth. I don’t want to lose my daughter to a poser or worse.

  3. popdirt says:

    there’s no doubt it’s a Nick poser… but you can simply ask the person to send her a personal video message.

  4. mg mg says:

    i love Nick very much. I’m always his fan.

  5. Farida says:

    Hi,Nicky.It’s me.I wrote you.

  6. nikki says:

    hi Nick love all your and your bands songs. They are fantastic. hope to hear more of your guys great songs. HUGS AND KISSES.

  7. Diana says:

    I love you so much.. You are my life..

  8. hellbaby says:

    Hey nick!! omg you are like so amazing!! love ya tons

  9. nc says:

    Hi Nick I’m a big fan of you and I love your song I always sing your songs but I have a question for you.Did you always wanted to be a singer? Please Nick I would know your answer.bye and I love Backstreet Boys

  10. farah says:

    hey Nick…
    hope you’ll read my message…
    wanted to tell that… Good to see you rocking again…
    I’m happy…
    best wishes for your future..
    Take good care of yourself…

  11. kimberley& sandy says:

    hi Nick I just wanna say that I love your music and would like to meet you one day and would like you to come around my house for my birthday and would like it there .
    reply back when you write back and my cousin like to meet you in Croydon one day .

  12. GINA TILLERY says:

    To Nick Carter I how are you to day. I am find. this is my first time to tell you that your big fan all time. please give a feed back if you can.

  13. GINA TILLERY says:

    Here is my cell phone number. I sent you two birthday cards to Aaron Carter on 2-9-2010 okay from your friend Gina Tillery.

  14. karen says:

    Hi Nick!! I am from Philippines you are my 1st crush when I was in high school… I wish I met you in personal…
    God bless you!!!

  15. karen says:

    I wish I met you in personal!!! that is my one of my dream……god bless you

  16. cash wedding gift says:

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  17. new-york public school stats says:

    Hi Nick I’m a big fan of you and I love your song I always sing your songs but I have a question for you.Did you always wanted to be a singer?Please Nick I would know your answer.bye and I love Backstreet Boys

  18. Debbie Peacan says:

    Nick is my idol I have so much gear on BSB but most on Nick. hey how you going guy I have heard much on what’s happening wit the BSB I am a huge fan and have been since Anzac Day ’95, I even have a tattoo on BSB


  19. Maddy says:

    Hi Nick

    Hope all is well. I think BSB and you are talented. Take care. Maddy

  20. angelica says:

    belated happy birthday NICK CARTER … my super cute idol :)

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