Nick Carter’s Q102 Interview

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Last month, Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter called into Philadelphia radio station Q102. He talked about his solo album, the new BSB album, the status of the other guys in the group, his solo tour, the $75 million dollar lawsuit filed against Zomba, and the fakeness of Britney Spears and Anna Kournikova. Read on for the full transcript.

Logan: on the line right now is nick carter

Logan: is this the start of the whole tour tonight?
Nick Actually it was yesterday but uh really it kinda is :laughs: cuz yesterday’s show I was just getting over a cold so yea it is basically the start of the tour.

Logan: Nick is this solo thing just about getting it out of your system?
Nick: I mean this is a fact, the times have sorta come & gone with the whole old bsb sound and that whole era when it came down to the pop music when it was really big

Logan: But nick nick u don’t have to apologize cuz I know there are a lot of fans that love that. Nick: But hear me out, so what the new goal is is to recreate the whole style but with a new flavor

Logan: Cuz I get some fans that say you know what I miss that whole feel good coming off the plane with the white suits. And the hair blowing lays IWITW: they miss that u know. But that’s cool u included a lil of that flavor on ur solo cd

Logan: and nick is this 75 million lawsuit against zomba gonna delay any new bsb cd?
Nick : The lawsuit alot of people blew it outta
proportion, it really wasn’t anything what people look at it as. It was totally separate from me & the group.

Logan: But the claim was they were promoting u more than the group
Nick: That’s not actually the situation that happened.

Logan: That’s what was reported
Nick: That’s what they reported but its getting
settled cuz its no claim like that.

Logan: So there will be another bsb cd?
Nick: Well u know. we’re talking about doing another record, the middle of this year

Logan: Nick u still talk to the other guys right?
Nick: Of course

Logan: Brian’s still married?
Nick: Uh huh

Logan: Aj’s still struggling? is he ok?
Nick: well ..he’s by himself

Logan: the engagement’s still of?
Nick: yea

Logan: Kevin still likes to hang out with trees?
Nick: laughter:

Logan: does nick still wish the rumors about Britney were true?
Nick: nah, not after hearing what i’m hearing about her in the papers

Logan: It came out today she’s suing the star for that. Its like that whole guy that interviewed Michael Jackson, they screwed u over, I’m not gonna do that to you. Of course nick tonite @ the tla and also Sunday.
Finally Nick who would u do Britney or Anna
Nick: probably neither I’m not that flashy fake type of guy

Logan: ooooooh, how about Alyssa Milano
Nick: nah she’s been around the business a lil too much

Logan: we all got our list, the wish list, I’m married I got a wish list, who’s on ur wish list? Not that u need one.
Nick: Man I only wish for peace I don’t wish for no type of girl, when it comes to women, I just like to have a girl that’s cool & down to earth, not about all that fakeness.

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