Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Attend 17th Annual Nautica Triathlon

and of 98 Degrees were on hand for the 17th Annual Nautica Triathlon benefiting The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation on Sunday (September 14) at Zuma Beach in Malibu, California. Check out pictures from WireImage.

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10 thoughts on “Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Attend 17th Annual Nautica Triathlon

  1. bookmarker says:

    Jessica’s latest fiasco album is #45 on Billboard this week and sinking fast! She STILL hasn’t been certified gold yet and in three days her album will have been out for a MONTH!! The only reason people watch the show is to laugh AT how selfish, stupid and low class she is – just like Anna Nicole Smith (did you know they are twins?!?) All the publicity in the world that Sony BUYS for her can not save her from being a flop. BYE BYE Jessica!!!!!!! Glad to see you go!!! :) PS I can’t wait to see what all the people you PUT DOWN when you thought you were going to make it big do to you now that you have publicly proven yourself to be a HUGE FAILURE!

  2. jessfan says:

    Her last album didn’t go gold till 2 months after its release. It’s how it does in the long run. With You will be a better single for her.

  3. AntiBubbleGumMachine says:

    “Her last album didn’t go gold till 2 months after its release. It’s how it does in the long run. With You will be a better single for her.” Hey Jessacholic, how about you stopped drinking laced kool-aid and faced FACTS! Her last album is a flop! F.L.O.P.!!! IT STINKS! IT SUCKS! (so what she sold 650,000 copies and it’s certified gold…In today’s standards, IT’S STILL A FLOP!) this album will never reached any status that she had achieved in the past. This is her last album for Sony and if Sony execs has half-a-brain, Jessica Simpson will be dumped mercilessly!

  4. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    Why are people constantly discussing her record sales, it’s about the only way they can try to make her look bad…They can’t attract her looks because she’s absolutely beautiful, Or her talent because her voice is one of the best today and she wrote 10 out of 11 songs on ‘In This Skin’…AntiBubbleGumMachine is just a idiot anyway so his word is not credible, he spends most of his time in the gym admiring the other guys firm asses…Pathetic

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    Did you miss like most of these shots? Her smile is so forced and fake my friend said in one she looks like Frankensteins Monsters love child. It was frightening, her tan is really really fake looking, she’s dressed like a slob, and her hair was a mess which she is photographed messing up herself. She is far from pretty she was scary looking and if there is a topic posted about Jessica anything about her is open for discussions. Her third album is selling worse than her second, the one that is known as her flop album. Yes she will be dropped especially now that labels are lowing retail prices (of course Jessica’s got lowered because Sony knew she’d never sell not because of this new move that takes effect 10/1 and is by Universal not Sony) but with the prices dropping labels will be dropping artists who are not cutting it, Jessica is far from cutting it as her grand total of album sales in the US alone is not 3.5 million yet. Face the facts Wane, Jessica is nothing you think she is and you and the handful of her fans need wake up, Jessica is a loser and is going to lose her recording contract for good. And don’t you mean she wrote 9 out 11 songs Wane since she didn’t write Forbidden Fruit Or Sweetest Sin? And every report on her album said she wrote only 80% 10 out of 11 songs is more than 80% wane, your math skills are as horrendous as your mouth.

  6. Musicbuff says:

    She has been singing her second single on talk shows and it isn’t getting any attention. This album is going to fail. Did she actually write 9 or 10 out of the 11 songs, or does she just have co-writing credits? There’s a big difference between co-writing and actually writing your own songs.

  7. PandaBear2003 says:

    The true story of her writing according to Jessica herself, it was a writing camp she called it, a group of writers were in a room, she discussed with them what she wanted to sing, they would write a song about it, then she’d go and record it, and did that with 9 out of 11 songs. In my book, that is not Jessica Simpson writing a blessed thing, that is Jessica Simpson yammering on and on about a bunch of BS and writers turning it into a song, which is not Jessica writing it’s Jessica talking and them tacking her name on as a writer. But No, there is not one song on her album that says written by Jessica Simpson and no one else.

  8. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    Panda, you obviously have no-life if you waste it investigating her sales and song-writing credibility. You fit the criteria of a typical Jessica hater…You’re dislike for Jessica isn’t for her as a person, it comes from you’re own insecurities and overall dislike for yourself. Do you have nothing better to do then come here and gossip about some woman’s career you don’t know. It must hurt waking up being white trash with no job or career, You’re just a plague of people that make of the scum of America.

  9. PandaBear2003 says:

    Wane you’re a psychologist? Wow never knew they randomly handed out such a degree to any schmoe off the street who has no clue about the workings of the human mind. Jessica is opening her mouth way too much, I can’t help it that I have a great memory for what lies she tells the world. Inconsistencies are easy for me to spot. How do you know that I do not personally know Jessica? Have I ever stated that I never met her? NO. Have I stated I know her? NO. And if you want to play therapist lesson one, never make assumptions you ass. And I’m white trash now? Wow you’ve accepted the fact I’m not a c.hink like you first thought? Wow thought that miniscule brain of yours couldn’t handle reality. So tell me oh wise one, what do you do for a living since you seem to be the only real thorn in society’s side, especially since I read the posts anti mentioned that you said those Jessica haters should have died in 9/11, you are one sick and twisted individual. Go seek therapy for you over obsession with Jessica Simpson, and for the incessant need to trash and bad mouth people you’ve never met just because we speak the truth about the goddess you pray to every night, Jessica, but don’t worry Wane. I hear after Sony drops her that the only way she’ll remain in the public eye is by doing porn films and you have lifelong membership to be her b.tch in them. So you can her all you want. Wane go back to grade school, antibubblegum machine is a female but then your a idiot anyway so it’s why every person to you is male. And since I happen to be related to a real therapist let me tell you something, you are clinically insane because you feel threatened and the need to attack people just because we don’t like some whore you seem to think is God’s gift to this earth. She is not a goddess, a perfect icon or anything, she’s a two faced lying biotch who is as fake as a Barbie doll. Mark my words, Sony will be dropping her in October 2003, then lets see how well I don’t know what it is I talk about.

  10. bookmarker says:

    Why shouldn’t people focus on her record sales??? She is SUPPOSED to be a RECORDING ARTIST isn’t she???? Are you that stupid?? I guess so. As far as her looks go, she is either fat or super skinny= anorexia; she wears hair extensions; has fake super bleached teeth; a dirty fake tan; fake nails; not to mention a fake personality;a nose like a prize fighter and Kirk Douglas’ chin; and dresses like a cowgirl hooker- what exactly are women supposed to be jealous of? Some people like authentic and that ain’t Jessica. As far as looking in the mirror goes, Jessica is only 23 and her pancake flat boobs swing down to her knees unless supported by construction equipment so what will SHE look like when she is Nick’s age (30)? Think about that because This is the Remix album was thrown in to fulfill her 4 album contract deal (that Joe mentioned on the JSMB a couple of years ago) and now that In This Skin has FAILED too she is OVER. And NO, Irresistible sold over 100, 000 copies the first week and was certified gold get you facts straight and make sense will you. You are all just scrambling because what will you all do with your shut in lives when Sony no longer BUYS Jessica PR so you can live vicariously through another because your real lives are so pathetic? Poor you- and now poor Jessica too. Maybe some of the people she put down constantly when she thought she was hot sh** can get her a job at Hooters- as the…what?? what exactly can Jessica do put prostitute herself?

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