‘Nick & Jessica’s Family Christmas’ Doubles As A Reunion

The taping of ABC’s ‘Nick & Jessica’s Family Christmas’ turned into a bit of a reunion for and . The show featured an a cappella rendition of ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ by Nick and his 98 Degrees bandmates Jeff Timmons, Justin Jeffre, and his brother Drew. The show’s finale also featured Nick and Jessica’s relatives. A source said, “It’s the first time all of [Nick and Jessica’s] families have been together since their wedding two years ago.” The special airs December 1st at 9 PM ET/PT).

Nick & Jessica Discuss ‘A Whole New World’ Cover

October 3, 2004 – ‘Entertainment Tonight’ spoke with Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees about their duet of one of Disney’s most beloved ballads, ‘A Whole New World,’ featured on the DVD release of ‘Aladdin.’ Simpson said, “We were excited to work with each other. People think we work together all the time and we really don’t. So to be in the studio together and share that is pretty amazing.” Lachey added, “We’re just honored to cover it. Hopefully we’ll do it justice the second time around.”

Nick Jealous Over Jessica’s Steamy Latin Grammy Performance

October 3, 2004 – Globe magazine reports that Nick Lachey’s marriage to Jessica Simpson reached a new low after her steamy performance with David Bisbal at the Latin Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on September 1st. “There was a lot of flirting and they had an ob4vious chemistry,” a source said. “Any man would get jealous seeing his wife like that.” The other sticking point is Jessica’s skyrocketing career, while the 98 Degrees singer struggles. “He’s being left in Jessica’s dust,” a friend of the couple said. “This is breeding resentment like it did in Sonny and Cher’s marriage. Cher eventually decided she didn’t need Sonny. That’s where Nick and Jessica look like they’re headed.”

Nick And Jessica May Adopt

October 2, 2004 – In Touch magazine spoke with 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey in a Q&A and asked the singer about his wife Jessica Simpson’s remark that they may adopt. “Adoption is very possible,” Lachey revealed. “We want two or three kids and spoke about our third child being adopted. But we want to enjoy each other without cameras around first. [Having children is] two or three years off.”

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3 thoughts on “‘Nick & Jessica’s Family Christmas’ Doubles As A Reunion

  1. PandaBear2003 says:

    OMG this is SO OLD. This appeared like what a MONTH ago? It had a nice picture of him on the set of Charmed and he was talking about this. NICE TRY in making it look like the marital problems are just rumors, NOT. Even FOX NEWS said it’s over.

  2. XtinaAguilera says:

    I couldn’t stand her at first, but she doesn’t bother me as much ever since I heard about how she refused to put some Asian language in the background of a concert; she said that some people would be able to read it, and she didn’t want to insult anyone just for the sake of an exotic background. It seemed pretty sincere, so good for her.

  3. galleta says:

    This is a cute couple, its kinda funny Nick isn’t even popular for his group 98 degrees but only because of his wife lol. Anyway they don’t seem ready for kids yet Jessica is still too much of a baby herself.

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