Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson On The Late Late Show

and her husband of 98 Degrees stopped by the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Friday night to promote their new MTV reality show ‘Newlyweds’ and their respective new albums ‘In This Skin’ and ‘Soul O’. Read on for a rough transcript — sorry, you’ll have to figure out if it’s Nick or Jessica talking.

Craig: First guests are one of pop music’s notable power couples, his first solo CD called “Soulo” comes out august 9th. And Jessica’s CD Comes out august 19th. Their new reality TV show “Newlyweds” premieres.

>> You hear your first year of marriage is the toughest, especially for people who haven’t lived together prior to getting married, you have to go through all those adjustments, you have two completely different takes on the way everyday life should be.

[Woman burps]

Craig: That was nice. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson right here.


Craig: Nice to see you again. Nice to meet you, nick. First of all, congratulations on the marriage.

>> Thank you.

Craig: How long has it been going on?

>> Almost a year, a year in October.

>> Almost nine months.

>> 10.

Craig: Oh, they’re fighting.

>> As long as i get the year right, I’m good, it’s the 10-month, nine-month —

>> What is our wedding date?

>> October 26.

Craig: How is marriage?

>> It is wonderful. We have a camera following us around.

Craig: Who talked each other into that?

>> She talked me into it.

Craig: They approached you?

>> They did. They approached both of us, they approached our managers. I don’t know why we did it.

Craig: What are the rules?

>> We set ground rules when we decided to do it. One, they couldn’t come upstairs in our house and be in our bedrooms or the bathrooms, obviously.

Craig: So it’s the kitchen and living room, right?

>> Yeah. And the yard and the pool and the jacuzzi.

>> No, you’ll see. We’re not always at our house. It’s not just at our house. You’ll see us in the recording studios or premieres, the whole crazy life we live but then you’ll see us coming home and what we actually do.

Craig: If you’re taping this show “Newlyweds” are you there Monday through Friday or do they just say come Tuesday and get one episode and leaves alone the rest of the week.

>> Every day.

>> Every day, pretty much 9:00 to midnight.

Craig: That would drive me up the wall. When there are workers there painting at my house it drives me up the wall. Is this bothering you guys or do you start putting on a show for them?

>> No. We wanted to make it as real as possible. Even if we’re in a screaming fight, we don’t tell them to leave.

Craig: But you guys don’t fight?

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Yes, we do.

Craig: What kind of things do you fight over?

>> Stupid stuff, decorating and cleaning. None of which I’m good at.

>> She doesn’t like the way iph decorated the house.

Craig: Who cleans, I’m not saying you’re supposed to, but who cleans?

>> Not me.

>> It is a good thing she’s not supposed to because she doesn’t.

Craig: He just criticized her.

>> I’m so used to that. That’s how we flirt.

Craig: That’s flirting? Nick, is she messy?

>> Yes, she is very messy. You admit you’re messy.

>> I’m very messy. I’m a slob.

Craig: And you’re proud of that?

>> No, oh, no. I wish i was like nick.

Craig: Well, pick up your stuff, girlfriend.

>> Yes, i have to get in the habit of doing that and I’m just not in that habit yet but nick is helping me. This is one of our adjustments in marriage.

>> Today I went to take a shower to come here and I’m done showering — where is my towel?

>> I used his towel.

Craig: Oh, this is ugly.

>> Did you put it back on the thing?

>> No.

>> I was like, there is no towel.

Craig: That is irritating. I just remembered something, you guys, this is the key, you did not live together prior to getting married

>> We did not. Craig: So this is a major adjustment.

>> We’re finding out everything about each other. It’s fun, though. We like it.

Craig: I want to put this delicately, but you held out as far as the intimate —

>> Yes, we did.

Craig: How long did you hold out for?

>> Four years.

Craig: With each other you held out?

>> Very delicate.

Craig: But is that something you’re glad you did that?

>> Oh, yeah, we’ve made up for lost time. I’m very good at it now.

>> Here, here.

Craig: You guys are old enough to remember the “Newlywed Game.”

>> You remember it?

>> I’ve seen the reruns.

Craig: Theme show channel. We’ll play one right now. We actually asked Nick some questions prior to the show and we’re going to see what Jessica might say to these answers, ok? These are typical questions from — let’s see. What did nick say is his favorite song of yours? What did Nick say?

>> His favorite song of mine. Probably the song i wrote for him.

Craig: What’s it called?

>> It’s called “Underneath.”

Craig: And that’s exactly what Nick said.

>> Very good.

Craig: What does Nick think is your most annoying habit? And we may have covered this already.

>> Leaving dirty towels on the floor.

Craig: Leaving towels on the floor. We have towel racks for a reason.

>> 2-2. You’re on a roll, babe.

Craig: You’re doing well. You know each other well. That’s four years of dating.

>> Yeah.

Craig: What is your favorite part of nick’s body?

>> He gave an answer to this?

>> I had to.

>> My favorite part of Nick’s body? His back.

Craig: He said his eyes.

>> I do love his eyes, too.

>> I’m so hurt.

>> He has the most — he has a stud back.

Craig: I can’t wait to see his back. Christmas this year, his family or yours? How does that work?

>> We’ll try to do both.

Craig: Look how good she is.

>> That will cause way too many fights. Craig: This is the typical — we’ve all heard this on “The Newlywed Game.” What is the strangest place you and nick have ever made whoopy.

Craig: Don’t look at him.

>> Location.

>> Location? Oh, no. I don’t know.

Craig: Let’s go through it now. You’ve been married 9 1/2 months.

>> I know.

Craig: So you’ve obviously — there’s your place where you guys live, there’s —

>> We can’t always do it there because the cameras are around. We have to sneak off.

>> Hint, it’s not our house, anywhere in our house. So think outside the box.

Craig: I’m enjoying this.

>> On the beach.

Craig: Naughty.

>> That could be.

Craig: Where is this?

>> On our honeymoon. We got to lay out naked. There was no paparazzi. We had our own island.

Craig: We had a camera there. I’m sorry. Grandparents’ house.

>> Oh, ok. Ok.

>> You know, it’s weird depending how you look at it. Craig: The grandparents weren’t supposed to know about it. Now we’re all embarrassed, nick. Right back with “five questions.”

Craig: Back, husband and wife, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Whose CD should we talk about first, how did this work?

>> Let’s talk about his.

>> Ladies first, actually.

Craig: Neither of them if you can’t — this is yours, “98 Degrees.”

>> My first CD.

Craig: Misspelled but i get it.

>> I was never good at spelling things.

Craig: What can you tell me about this, dance music?

>> I think it’s edgier than 98 Degrees, more on the up-tempo but the ballads are similar to what 98 degrees was doing.

Craig: Is it nerve-racking putting out a album.

>> It is challenging to be in the studio and do it on your own.

Craig: You shoot videos and can use your wife on the videos.

>> I have.

Craig: Have you already done that?

>> She was in a 98 Degrees video and I’ve been in two of her videos.

>> She was in my video.

Craig: Smart. You guys know what you’re doing. What about this one, “In This Skin.” You wrote songs.

>> I wrote 80% of it.

Craig: First time?

>> Nick is the one who inspired me to write. The whole thing is about love. I’ve been keeping a journal since i was real young. I had a lot to say. I don’t think I had the confidence to actually put it out there like that.

Craig: So the whole thing with the towels, that’s just — but you’re really in love.

>> Oh, yeah.

Craig: You just argue.

>> We argue about the stupid little newlywed things. Nothing big.

Craig: It’s kind of cute, the towel thing is kind of cute. Five years it will drive you up the wall.

>> I think it already drives him up the wall.

Craig: But you can actually hang them up after you’re done. Do you throw your clothes down, too.

>> Oh, yeah.

>> E, Nick. You’ll see, i guess, everybody will.

Craig: Didn’t Oprah advise you to get a maid?

>> She did. I was out of town promoting my record and the whole thing and hadn’t done laundry since Easter and had about 20 loads and I had no clothes to wear. So I kind of threw a temper tantrum and was throwing my laundry over the balcony.

Craig: That is stylish. Is that on the show?

>> That will be on the show, definitely. Nick is probably sitting there laughing at me. He literally walks over the clothes as I’m sitting there in a pile.

>> They were everywhere, there was no place to walk.

>> Well, you could have helped.

Craig: This is great. I’m going to enjoy this.

>> We told Oprah about the story and she is like, you’ve got to get a maid. And nick kept putting it off like I don’t want to pay for one.

>> Oprah scolded me on a commercial break.

Craig: When i needed a vice i call up Oprah.

>> Scolded by Oprah.

Craig: Team up. You’ going to play five questions now. All right. Number one, give or take 10 years, before you guys did it, when was the last time there was actually sex in your grandparents’ house?

>> I defer to you on this one.

>> I think they get it on all the time.

Craig: We’re going to have to accept that. Yeah. That’s correct.

>> Don’t you think?

>> I would agree with you.

Craig: Wow. Which are the following is not a character on “The Simpson’s” professor Frink, Cletus the slack-jawed yokel, Mr. Teeny, or Lawrence the elk.

>> It’s been a while since I’ve seen them. I’m go with Mr. Teeny.

Craig: What do you want to say?

>> Lawrence the Elk.

Craig: That is correct. Good job.

>> That’s why I always win in blackjack.

Craig: You have the luck. Your new single is “The Sweetest Sin.” Name seven deadly sins.

>> Gluttony.

Craig: That’s one.

>> I know all this. Come on, give me one.

>> Isn’t wrath —

>> Yes.

>> Wait the movie with Brad Pitt.

>> Oh, baby. I’m trying to let you get one. Lust.

Craig: There you go. One more.

>> He took the one I had.

Craig: You don’t have anymore?

>> I do. Motor.

>> Vengeance.

Craig: Some of these can lead to that. You have sloth and pride — when you get upset you have —

>> Anger.

>> We’ve got to rent that.

Craig: Jessica, write down right now, don’t let Nick see it. Write down Nick’s friend who bothers you the most. Don’t let him see. One of his friends that is the most obnoxious, bothers you the most.

>> He won’t be my friend after this, I have a feeling.

Craig: Way to use the whole blue card.

>> I’ll write it bigger.

Craig: Ok. What do you say there, Nick?

>> Friend who bothers Jessica the most, eric.

Craig: We don’t need the first name out there is the first, Eric or Eric. That is correct. Nice. Is that going to bother him now.

>> I’m so sorry, Eric.

>> I’m sorry, Eric. He knows that, though.

Craig: And finally, now, as husband and wife, if you guys count on three, burp in unison. She’s already clearing her throat.

>> Can you do it?

>> She’ll put me to shame.

>> I kind of need a Coke or beer or something.

Craig: What do you need?

>> No, no, no.

>> You ready?

>> You can do it?

>> Hold on.

>> Come on.

Craig: There it is. That was very good. Are you all right?

>> Yeah. Almost had a couple pineapple chunks come out.

Craig: “Newlyweds” premieres August 19 which is when Jessica’s CD comes out and nick’s CD, October 9. Congratulations. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

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  1. XxmissyxX says:

    yep..i saw this. I thought for once – just ONCE -Jessica and Nick wouldn’t comment about their sex life…but they never fail to disappoint me. apparently, Jessica’s real good at sex now! ::gag:: plus they did the nasty at their grandparents house…and this is the daughter of a minister y’all! speaking of minister, she didn’t even know the seven deadly sins! uh hello……ministers daughter! if Jessica keeps talking bout her sex I’m gonna throw up all her CDs I’ve bought!

  2. PandaBear2003 says:

    Ok LOVELY the transcript is added but uh WHO SAID WHAT? I want to know how LITTLE Nick knows and what a BIG MOUTH Jessica has I’m SURE she did almost ALL The talking since she lies better than Nick, but THIS is NO HELP!

  3. HoneyRain says:

    These two are such idiots if they think their mediocre marriage is gonna boost their album sales.. if anything it’s gonna disgust people and broadcast to the world that these two are a circus act dying for attention. their music careers are going down the drain.. NOBODY talks about 98 degrees and NOBODY talks about Jessica Simpson because NOBODY cares.. there have been a lot of stories about Nick and Jess and they only get a mere 10 comments at most while Britney and Christina get over 50 almost 100 posts for every little thing. the only ones who have survived the Pop wave of the late 90s is Nsync, BSB, Brit, and Xtina.. the rest need to give up and move on.

  4. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    honey rain BSB and n sync didn’t survive all this boyband rejects should go to hell they should put in their brains that they’re over Britney and Christina are the real thing Mariah the fat ass is another s***** bag trying to fit her ass

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