Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson To Sell Calabasas Home

Us Weekly reports that now Nick Lachey and have wrapped up MTV’s ‘Newlyweds’, they’ll sell the home that was a fixture on the program in Calabasas, California. “They feel that the house is too public,” a source revealed, “and they want to start fresh.”

Nick Lachey & Celebrate ‘Newlyweds’ Wrap

March 19, 2005 – Us Weekly reports that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey celebrated the end of filming ‘Newlyweds’ on March 9th at a wrap party at Element in Hollywood. Simpson joined pal CaCee Cobb on the dance floor. “The girls danced like Beyonce and Jessica sang along to ‘Crazy In Love’,” a fellow clubber revealed. Nick and Jess left without bringing along their gift, a trophy bearing the inscription ‘Best Couple’.

Will Jessica Simpson’s Oscar Dreams Lead To Marriage Split?

March 19, 2005 – In Touch magazine reports that with tension in Jessica Simpson’s marriage to Nick Lachey at an all-time high, the star is pleading with the ‘Dukes’ star to stick together. “I don’t want us to become the next celebrity statistic,” Lachey told Simpson, according to a source. One of Jessica’s pals said, “She loves Nick but she also loves her career, and her dream is to one day win an Oscar. She suggested to Nick that they work on better ways to communicate and make designated times jsut for themselves.” But that wasn’t good enough for Lachey, who reportedly told his wife, “I want to spend every day with you. When you’re away on a movie set, that’s not gonna happen.”

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4 thoughts on “Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson To Sell Calabasas Home

  1. Starlet01 says:

    Aww it’s the end of the Nick & Jessica show. I wonder if MTV will take Britney up on her ridiculous offer for Kevin and her to star as the new Newlyweds. Personally I think David and Victoria Beckham should star as the new couple. But, should title it The Beckhams because they have been married for five years.

  2. galleta says:

    Lets take bets on how long that marriage will last now and see how long it takes for them to lose their A- list status now that they wont have their own show.

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I sort of wondered if they wouldn’t do that…. It’s a good idea for them!! HOWEVER, it’s a nice home. But now, I guess, since she’s making millions instead of thousands, they can afford an even NICER home!! Wonder how much it’ll sell for!

  4. adiaglow says:

    Can’t say that I blame them…I don’t think it’s throwing away money at all. It’s been overexposed & they want to find a place that they can make their own. I think a lot of us would do the same.

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