Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson’s House For Sale

People magazine reports that the multi-million-dollar Calabasas, California home that and made famous during the filming of their MTV hit ‘Newlyweds’ is up for sale, with a listing price of $3.75 million.

Nick Lachey Holds No Anomosity Towards Jessica Simpson

January 5, 2006 – Though Jessica Simpson coldly told Nick Lachey “she wasn’t in love with him anymore and said she was filing divorce papers” when the singer attempted to save their marriage last month, the 98 Degrees star doesn’t have any animosity towards her. “He doesn’t want a ‘War of the Roses’,” a friend tells Star magazine. “He just wants the divorce to move quickly.”

Nick Lachey Blames Overexposure On Failed Marriage

January 5, 2006 – Nick Lachey is speaking out on his failed marriage to Jessica Simpson in the new issue of Elle magazine. The singer admits he’s still kind of surprised his marriage ended so soon, but attributes the relationship changing to “the exposure,” and thinks the couple’s most romantic moment was only made possible because it took place before all the cameras came into their lives, when they were sitting on a beach in Hawaii watching fireworks going off.

He said his biggest weakness was being too open. “I’m typically an overly sensitive person, I lay my heart out there too often,” he said. “I’ve never been shy about crying. Sometimes we’re so scared of our emotions that we rob ourselves.”

Jessica Simpson To Open People’s Choice Awards

January 5, 2006 – Jessica Simpson is set to open the 32nd Annual People’s Choice Awards with a very special performance, ‘Access Hollywood’ has learned. “We are so delighted to have Jessica opening for what’s sure to be a very exciting People’s Choice Awards. Jessica’s true vocal talent, unlimited energy and undeniable charisma will truly be a great addition to this year’s show,” says Carol Donovan, executive producer of The People’s Choice Awards. The event will be broadcast live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Tuesday (January 10) on CBS.

A Tough New Year’s Eve For Jessica Simpson

January 5, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “The tabloids are reporting this year’s New Year’s Eve was very tough on Jessica Simpson. Not because she and Nick Lachey split up. The tough part for Jessica — having to count backwards from ten.”

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5 thoughts on “Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson’s House For Sale

  1. Haters-GetaLIFE says:

    If Nick say in Elle that it was only overexposure, that is really sad because is said to be for better or worse. Those two should have stuck it out and went back to the basics.

  2. Justifine says:

    What did they expect?! You don’t go on national television right after your marriage, and spend what’s supposed to be the first months of wedded bliss with a camera taping your every move and inviting the public into your personal business. I don’t know how stupid people are that they do this and are somehow surprised by the ‘exposure’ that they themselves allowed and seem taken aback when things fall apart. No one told them to sell their relationship out, it really says a lot. Sad.

  3. Potrzebie says:

    Yep, the overexposure was their decision. They traded a marriage for a career – which benefited Jessica’s career but probably not Nick’s career.

  4. ficklefan says:

    Boo-hoo, cry me a river. They could’ve stopped doing the show after the second season, but no, they were too greedy, and the show gave them much needed exposure. They pimped their marriage for all that it’s worth, so please don’t expect for the public to give sympathy now.

  5. yelenerz says:

    Well can u blame them? They were desperate has beens with albums to promote. They thought it wold be some free publicity-but could Nick have really predicted that his wife was so stupid that the whole country can’t wait for the next idiotic comment to come out of her mouth?

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