Nick Lachey Considers Buying Cincinnati Home

Justin Jeffre was on hand for the opening of The Continental Lounge, the new members-only club in Covington, Ohio, and spoke with The Cincinnati Enquirer about his newly single 98 Degrees bandmate . “Nick’s doing well,” Jeffre said. “Life is crazy, of course, being the target of the tabloids and everything.” Jeffre added, “He’s been tossing around the idea of getting a place here for a long time. That’s his ultimate plan. He still is pretty loyal to Cincinnati.”

Jessica Having Second Thoughts About Divorce

December 10, 2005 – Harvey Levin, the managing editor of, has learned that Jessica Simpson may be rethinking her separation from Nick Lachey. “I don’t think she has the stomach for a divorce,” Levin said. “She made $850,000 at a concert this week, and you’d think since Nick would be entitled to half, she would have moved to protect her finances. There is no anger. They are e-mailing each other. It’s really hard for them right now, especially Nick.”

Nick Not Living With USC QB

December 8, 2005 – While several entertainment news outlets have reported that Nick Lachey had moved in with USC quarterback Matt Leinart, he tells Scripps Howard News Service that’s not the case. “I’m asked a few times about that,” Leinart said, laughing about the line of questioning. “But I’ve heard it a lot on ‘Extra’ and all of that crap. It’s funny because Nick has never even been to my apartment.”

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