Nick Lachey Holding Hands With Blonde… Not Jessica

The New York Post reports of 98 Degrees was spotted in the Chicago Bloomingdale’s holding hands with a blonde who wasn’t his fiancee – Jessica Simpson, which led fans to wonder.

New Jessica Simpson & Interview

March 17, 2002 – Contributed by chris:

A member of 98 Degrees official message board posted a candid 102.5 The Fix radio interview of Jessica Simpson and from a California Starbucks with the two of them talking about the particulars of their engagement, wedding and honeymoon! The posting has since been removed.

Nick Lachey Fans Give Mixed Reaction To Engagement

February 15, 2002 – Fans on the 98 Degrees message board reacted in a more mixed fashion to news that the group’s most popular member, Nick Lachey, was engaged to longtime sweetheart and fellow musician Jessica Simpson. jerseygirl wrote, “Ugh, I really need a drink right now. I’m totally part of the unhappy about this group and please don’t give me hell for it, it’s just how I feel. I need my time to grieve.” nicksbandaid98 added, “My heart dropped when they said it on the radio. After all the lil twit did him, he is still marrying her.” Still, most seemed happy for them with hevsmissingangel cautioning, “Whoa ladies, calm down… don’t everyone start getting mad or upset at each other because of this. Please? It really isn’t worth it…”

Top Nick Lachey Search Queries

February 13, 2002 – Top searches for Nick Lachey were laced with his girlfriend Jessica Simpson for the month of December on pay-per search engine The 3114 searches for Nick far dwarfed any other 98 Degrees member including brother Drew who had 626 searches in the month. Many of the top searches included his famous girlfriend Jessica Simpson.

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4 thoughts on “Nick Lachey Holding Hands With Blonde… Not Jessica

  1. blacknbluegirl128 says:

    It could’ve been a friend, a relative, it could’ve been anyone..doesn’t mean something fishy is going on..

  2. JSimpCritic says:

    One has to wonder if Jessica’s “engagement” to Nick last February was nothing more than trying to revive a career that is fading away at a rapid pace.

    The JSimpCritic

    “100% of NY Yankees fans agree that Jessica Simpson SUCKS!”

  3. JustinsGirl44 says:

    Omg.. it was probably like a sister or cuzin or friend and people r like ”OMG they r cheating and Nick is pregnant with an Alien.. (JKJK lol)Puhleeze lol”

    <33 Mwah<33

  4. jjms4ever says:

    All I can say is that I know who this “mystery” girl is, and I can’t say anymore, but this proves Nick and Jessica are a stunt.

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