Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Deny Marriage Trouble Gossip

‘Extra’ caught up with Jessica Simpson and her 98 Degrees hubby at the American Music Awards on Sunday. Asked if rumors about their marital trouble were true, Simpson insisted, “We love each other to death.” Nick added, “You’d like to think that everyone knows that what’s in those magazine’s is not true, but at the same time there’s some people out there that believe what they read. And we just want to tell all the people it’s not true.”

Fumes Over ‘Cheap’ Label

November 16, 2004 – Us Weekly quotes 98 Degrees singer saying of his wife Jessica Simpson: “I’ve gotten this reputation… of being cheap, which is the biggest crock of sh** because I live in this huge house and drive nice cars… Donald Trump would appear cheap next to [her].”

Nick Lachey Blasts Marital Troubles Rumors

November 11, 2004 – Nick Lachey defended his wife Jessica Simpson and their marriage exclusively to ‘Access Hollywood’ after reports have repeatedly surface claiming the ‘Newlyweds’ pair are heading for divorce. “No, it’s not on the rocks. I don’t know where they get these stories from,” said Lachey. The 98 Degrees singer added, “They’re clearly just trying to sell magazines. They’ve told us that ‘You guys sell magazines for us.’ And they know there’s no truth in what they’re writing but they continue to write it. Look, one week they’ve got us all romantic in Napa Valley and they’re celebrating their second anniversary and a week later they’ve got us on the cover saying, ‘Will they split?'”

Cracks In Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson’s Marital Foundation

November 9, 2004 – Though Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey spent the weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel for the 98 Degrees star’s 31st birthday party, The Las Vegas Review Journal reports the married couple flew in and out in separate planes, she was seen shopping by herself twice on Sunday, and spies spotted them arguing in public.

Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson’s Weekend In Vegas

November 8, 2004 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Jessica Simpson was spotted without hubby Nick Lachey shopping Sunday at Taryn Rose and Chrome Hearts in the Phase III Forum Shops at Caesars. Meanwhile Lachey, who turns 31 Tuesday, was onstage for a happy birthday serenade from 1,200 guests on Saturday during Beacher’s Madhouse in The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel. Earlier at Simon’s Kitchen & Bar, Nick’s birthday group, including Simpson and her father, Joe, dined family style with sea bass, meatloaf, bone-in steak, macaroni and cheese, blue tuna tartare, minicrabcakes, cotton candy and banana bread muffins.

Nick Lachey Celebrates Birthday In Vegas

November 7, 2004 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Nick Lachey was spotted having a birthday dinner celebration at AJ’s Steakhouse in the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday before joining wife Jessica Simpson after dinner for some bowling in the Penthouse suite. Lachey was joined at dinner by his 98 Degrees bandmate Justin Jeffre, Jessica’s dad Joe Simpson and Jamie-Lynn Discala’s hubby A.J.

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson’s Marriage Isn’t In Trouble

November 6, 2004 – Jessica Simpson tells People magazine that her relationship with 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey is “better than it’s ever been.” She says they are “absolutely not breaking up.” Simpson added, “What married couple doesn’t (argue)? You don’t want to marry somebody who’s just like you. So there are always going to be conflicts. That’s what compromise is all about. It means that we’re communicating.”

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2 thoughts on “Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Deny Marriage Trouble Gossip

  1. XtinaFan says:

    It’s amazing how some of these popstars can be so fake on-camera. I wonder if it’s a job requirement when record companies hire these popstars – to have great acting skills in acting completely fake?

  2. p1nky says:

    at least her fake acting is better than her twitching performances’, ‘i seriously think Jessica Simpson either has Parkinson’s disease or torrettes (or however you spell it) because I dunno what else would explain her twitching and her facial contortions when she sings and the horrible whispering voice doesn’t make it any more bearable

    Christina’s movements are fine they look normal’, ‘but Jessica it’s just so painful to watch I think she’s trying so hard to prove that she’s got a powerful voice that she’d over doing it and doing just the opposite.

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