Nick Says Backstreet Album Due Out In May Or June

Contributed by elgato:

Earlier this week, called into Grand Rapids, Michigan radio station WSNX for an interview. He talked about how fun it was doing sold out gigs in Japan. The song ‘I Got You’ will be the next single in the U.S. Nick said of the song, “That’s like probably one of my favorite songs on the record.” He is also was glad to be playing smaller venues than the because he can “can play with the crowds emotions… jump em’ up… hold em’ there you know. Then bring it back down. Let em’ smooth sail for a little bit. Then come back up with some more songs.. It’s really up and down. It’s such a high energy show.” Nick said he’s not sure if the tour will come to Europe. If it doesn’t, he said that he guarantees the Backstreet Boys as a group will hit Europe. He finished up saying, “You know in probably late March we are going to start recording a record. We are going to have it done probably around May or June and it might be a whole new ball game.”

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