Nick Says Backstreet WILL Be Coming Back

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In a transcript of Nick Carter’s interview with BBC1’s The Saturday Show, he said “I’m going what I’m doing right now and I wanna get in the studio with the guys later on in the year.” Read on for the rest of the transcript.

The Saturday Show (14th September 02)

Recorded interview in LA.

Dani – I’m in sunny Los Angeles, California, where all the biggest stars live. Today I’m going to meet one of the biggest, selling over 50 million records, a multi-millionaire, countless awards over the years. And get this, he’s only 22!

Dani – Nick Carter, welcome back to The Saturday Show.

Nick – Whatsup!

Dani – Now, solo album, tell us a bit about it.

Nick – Basically, what happened, was, um, we came off the Japanese tour and um, everybody decided to take a little break, and I called up my record company and I was just like, can I get in the studio and just write a couple of songs and record a couple of songs, just, just not to get in and record an album or anything, and they were like ‘ok.’

And I didn’t know what the style was gonna be like, I didn’t know how it was gonna be at all.

Dani – Obviously you’ve had loads of experiences being in the Backsteet Boys, have you got that many experiences to write songs about?

Nick – [Smiling cheekily] You’ll see! Yeah, I mean, put it this way, 13 was when I first started in the group and you know, I’ve been ever since then, I’ve gone through a lot of stuff. I’ve been touring all around the world since I was a kid. I’m sure everybody heard when I like, got arrested and stuff, so I kinda’ put it on paper, how I felt on a couple of songs.

Dani – Most people are expecting a typical Backstreet sound that you’ve been doing all the years.

Nick – Yeah.

Dani – Why the kind of guitar, slightly rocky? I think the rock-dude’s definitely coming out in you there Nick.

Nick – [Nodding] I’ve always been a big rock fan, and I love old rock’n’roll, new rock’n’roll.

Dani – What’s you’re favourite rock group?

Nick – Probably, right now, I’m listening to a lot of Wheezer right now. But I’m a big oldies guy, I love, like, old rock’n’roll, Fleetwood Mack, er, Journey, stuff like that too. Tom Petty, Bryan Adams.

Dani – What are the other guys into? Folk?

Nick – Brian’s a big folk music guy, Kevin is like Elton John, Aj’s actually into Enigma now. Howie, I don’t know, Howie probably listens to anything. And if I ever tried to play rock in the dressing rooms, they were like ‘Shut up!’ you know.

Dani – I was gonna say, they’re all kinda’ settled down and married. Have you got a girlfriend, Nick?

Nick – [Shakes his head and pulls a sad face] I’m sure there’s somebody out there somewhere, but, just ‘aint found her yet.

Dani – What do you look for in a girl?

Nick – [Laughing] What do I look for in a [laughs] yes thank you, HELP ME, I need help!!!!

Dani – Hello my name is and I’m single, and er………

Nick – Adventurous, exciting, um, very up front, like, they know what they want, you know. They ‘aint afraid to come and say hi to me. I’m some kind of a shy guy, especially if it’s a real pretty girl that I like. I have a hard time coming up to, just like, especially in a club or somewhere, going to and saying whatsup. So if they know what they want and they’re cool, they can come up to me and say whatsup to me and I don’t care, it’s the year 2002. I like girls who are forward.

Music is the one pure thing that is good. If you’re talented, if you’ve got a gift, you know, you should show the world that gift.

It’s amazing to be able to touch so many lives just by, you know, your voice.

Dani – And just to reassure the fans, are the Backstreet’s gonna be back?

Nick – I’m going what I’m doing right now and I wanna get in the studio with the guys later on in the year.

Dani – So there’s a possibility of a new album at some point?

Nick – Yeah.

Dani – Excellent stuff. Nick Carter, thank you very much.

Nick – Thanks, take care.

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