Nick’s Latin American Fans Force Jive To Release New Video

Contributed by elgato:

Fans in South America were looking forward to seeing Nick Carter’s video ‘I Got You’ on MTV LA but were disappointed when Jive Records refused to release the video there. BlowYourMind from the Forum at says, “Well I’m so happy, I was watching MTV yesterday and I was watching a TV Show called ‘Casi +’ before the top ten of MTV LA, and the host of the TV show said this: ‘A lot of people have been sending emails to request Nick’s latest video. There were actually thousands of emails requesting this. I even started to dream about Nick Carter, all these emails just drove me insane, and finally after many months we got Nick’s new video exclusively on MTV. The funny part of this is that Jive, at first, didn’t have plans to release the video here in Latin America but you guys requested it so much that they decided to give us the video for you guys.’ The video premiere was Tuesday and Nick is now inside the Top Ten. It just took 2 days for that.”

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2 thoughts on “Nick’s Latin American Fans Force Jive To Release New Video

  1. BiancaBR says:

    I’m not sure about the other Latin American countries but I Got You was released in Brazil a long time ago,and it was number one on “Disk MTV”(similar to TRL) and #1 on the Saturdays Top 20 Brazil….so Yeah….I got You is not really new over here….but yeah the video is hot as hell

  2. Grissell says:

    Well, Now or never was successful in Latin America, Nick Carter has lots of fans here. Even when Jive didn’t promote it it was a big hit, the tickets for his 3 shows here were sold out quickly. You know… US is not all the world and if Nick wasn’t that successful there it was here and in other countries. He wasn’t a failure this time and he wont be next time. Fans together control everything! We did it once and we can do it again!

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