Nicky Byrne In A Twitter Rage Over Thierry Henry Handball

Westlife member Nicky Byrne

star Nicky Byrne is lashing out at Thierry Henry on his Twitter (@nickybyrneoffic) after the French soccer star’s handball led to William Gallas’ overtime goal in a 1-1 tie against Ireland on Wednesday night in a World Cup qualifier match. The Irish pop singer writes:

Thierry Henry is a cheat !

Fu**ing cheat..! He should apologize to the Irish players and staff.. CHEAT!!!

Honestly he should retire after that! Dishonest cheating!!!!! I have no words for him

je deteste Thierry Henry.. I’m pouring my French wine down the sink!

I hope he has twitter and I hope he reads every tweet I make the fu**ing cheat!

can’t believe he can get away with this! I will can never forgive him ..CHEAT.. I urge everyone to email phone or write to Fifa to ban him!

@thierry_henry YOU CHEAT!

I’m disgusted goodnight all…. Thierry Henry is a cheat he was disgracefully dishonest… shame on him.. cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat ..

My respect for Henry as a footballer is gone! you are a thief!

Thierry Henry is a lying cheat!

I’m so annoyed.. Henry you cheat.. email Fifa demanding a replay for Ireland v France.. Thierry Henry cheated.. and Fifa are supposed to promote fair play?

I don’t blame the ref or linesman if they didn’t see it.. but Thierry Henry is a cheating dishonest sportsman playing at the highest level..

Fifa have lost all integrity and respect..

Thierry Henry should loose his contract with Gillette as hes not in the same league as a professional sportsman as T.Woods and R.Federer….

email demanding a reply! Call on fifa, Thierry Henry and the French FA to do the right thing.. to a replay ! do it asap…

@thierry_henry Thierry you need to do the decent thing man.. you need to ask for a replay yourself otherwise your great talent is worthless..

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One thought on “Nicky Byrne In A Twitter Rage Over Thierry Henry Handball

  1. henry says:

    choke on a dik… you prik

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