Nicky Byrne’s Okay With Not Taking Top Spot In Charts

Word is that Westlife’s string of #1 songs won’t continue this week with ‘Bop Bop Baby’ as Eminem’s ‘Without Me’ is poised to take the top spot in the UK charts, but member Nicky Byrne tells London’s Capital FM that he’s not discouraged. “Fingers crossed. I’ve seen the mid-weeks and we’re a bit behind. So maybe not a No.1 this time, but not to worry, it’s all about longevity,” he said. “So we’re happy enough where it is. There was stiff competition this week. Eminem’s got his first single from his album, then there’s Atomic Kitten and Ronan’s record is huge as well. Everybody that has the album more or less has the single so we’re not complaining. It’s out there and we’re just hoping for the best. We’ve got a brand new album coming out in with a lot of great hits, and of course we’re going back to America as well during the summer to release our first album over there, so we’re not going anywhere at the moment.” Audio has since been removed.

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