Nicole Kidman Refuses TV Appearance With Robbie Williams

The Sun reports Nicole Kidman told Australia’s Ray Martin Show that their planned trick to have her and Robbie on the show at the same time wasn’t going to happen. Nicole insisted it was either him or her, but not both, so they relinquished and went with Nicole. A source told the Sun, “Nicole didn’t want to feel she was being set up or trapped into having to confront the rumors about Robbie directly on live television with him sitting next to her. She wants to keep what is going on between her and Robbie very private.” Read more.

Robbie: ‘Look, I’m straight!’

November 3, 2001 – reports Robbie Williams being frank about his sexuality, “Look, I’m straight, all right? F…ing hell! Tell the world. What’s wrong with it? Sorry, everyone. I tried being gay but it just wasn’t for me! If I could take a gay pill right now I would. But I’m just not.”

Robbie’s Hair Turning Grey?

October 27, 2001 – According to News of the World, Robbie Williams has been having a hairstylist from Paris flown in regularly to dye his hair that has been greying. A pal of Robbie’s said, “There’s nothing wrong with looking good. His stamina is totally unaffected.”

Kidman Insists She And Robbie Are Just Friends

October 26, 2001 – reports Nicole Kidman has denied reports that she and Robbie Williams are a romantic couple insisting, “Robbie and I have become good friends – and that’s all. It’s not what people might think, but Robbie is irresistible because he is so much fun to be around. He’s a very funny man. He also gives me amazing confidence.”

Did She Really Say That?

October 25, 2001 – According to, Nicole Kidman was recently asked to comment on rumors that she’s had sex with Robbie Williams, to which she allegedly replied, “No. He’s gay isn’t he? I thought everyone knew that…”

Robbie’s Fine Comments Desperate Publicity Move?

October 25, 2001 – Comments from Robbie Williams following a concert in Singapore suggested he was fined $5,700 for flashing the audience at Singapore Indoor Stadium Saturday, but a Singapore police spokesman said otherwise, “We have no record he was fined. It’s not true.”

Robbie Snapped Leaving Nicole Kidman’s Hotel At 3 a.m.

October 12, 2001 – The Sun has photos of Robbie Williams leaving Nicole Kidman’s London hotel just before 3am yesterday that has people wondering if the two are igniting a romance. Nicole skipped off after a TV show with Michael Parkinson instead of joining the host and co-guests Ewan McGregor, Anne Robinson and tenor Andrea Bocelli for drinks. Five minutes later, Robbie’s chauffeur-driven Range Rover showed up. Read more.

Robbie Hits It 3 Out Of 60

September 26, 2001 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams only had sex three times during his recent tour that went 60 days. Williams admitted, “I had sex three times on the tour, which went on for nearly two months. That’s not bad going really. I don’t want people to think I do it every night. I don’t want reputation for being a tart, do I?”

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