Nicole Scherzinger Discusses ‘Jai Ho’ & ‘Doll Domination 2.0’

visited ‘No. 1 Countdown’ on Fuse, talking with Jared Cotter about the Pussycat Dolls tour with Britney Spears, touring some more in Australia and Asia, the reissue of ‘Doll Domination’ coming out featuring ‘Jai Ho’, what it was like to team up with A.R. Rahman on ‘Jai Ho’, filming the video in Vienna in the freezing cold, the challenge of making the English version of the Grammy winning track and drawing from her spiritual background.

As for their touring of late, she said, “We were in Europe doing our very own Doll Domination world tour, the Pussycat Dolls world tour. We had Ne-Yo and Lady Gaga out with us. It was unbelievable. Now we have joined the Circus here in the States with Britney Spears, so we’ve been touring with her a little bit over a week and can’t wait. After that, we’re gonna go back on the Doll Domination Tour right after the Britney tour and we’re gonna be in Australia and Asia.”

On working with A.R. Rahman on ‘Jai Ho’, she said, “It’s amazing to be a part of the project in any way. It’s so cool. Jimmy (Iovine), the head of our label, called myself and Ron up and we went to go see the movie and we were so inspired and in awe. We went straight to the studio and did our own version of the song. (Rahman) is an amazing producer. I hear he’s like the Timbaland of India and I bought the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ soundtrack before I saw the movie, because I was such a fan of his. To be able to collaborate with him is awesome. His music is really infectious and touching people all over the world.”

Watch the interview at YouTube.

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