Nicole Scherzinger London Trip Highlight Reel

Nicole Scherzinger sprays herself with a water bottle at a photo shootBehind the scenes footage of in London, England has been posted online. The singer sprayed herself down for a sexy photo shoot, did a radio appearance, performing ‘Baby Love’ at Royal Albert Hall for Fashion Rocks, and sharing her thoughts afterward.

“I just got off stage, performing ‘Baby Love’ at the Royal Albert Hall,” Nicole said. “It’s absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and my favorite place to perform ever is theaters and halls because of how I grew up and all of my love and my passion for the theater and the stage. I just got off stage singing ‘Baby Love’, and I’m so excited. We’re here at Fashion Rocks in London. I got on stage and I was totally nervous. I saw all these people and wondered are they gonna feel it? Are they gonna like it? What am I gonna do? Am I gonna split my dress? Am I gonna fall off the stage? Am I gonna hit all my notes? Then I looked up after the first note and there’s a human being with a huge poster at a live rock concert and it says ‘We Love You Nicole’. From then on, it was smooth sailing.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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