Nikki McKibbin Blames Simon Cowell For Post ‘Idol’ Depression

‘American Idol’ season one finalist is speaking out to Us Weekly, partially blaming her personal problems after appearing on the hit FOX show on its critical judge Simon Cowell. “I came out of ‘Idol’ with a lack of self-confidence,” Nikki said. “I think I had my first solo in school when I was 5, and I got more as I got older: That’s the biggest compliment in choir. I had never been told I wasn’t good enough. Having to hear it for so many weeks from Simon Cowell killed me inside. I couldn’t get the sh** he had said to me out of my head. It drove me deeper into my depression. I wouldn’t say that this was Simon’s fault. It just added to the addict that I already was.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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