No $500 Haircuts For Samantha Ronson

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@samantharonson) on Friday (February 20), reacting to reports that her girlfriend had been spending big bucks on a hairstylist, even paying $500 for Sam’s haircuts. Ronson writes:

Two things-

1. It doesn’t cost $500 to cut my hair… Have you seen my hair? I don’t even have that many strands.

2. If for some reason I decided that I was going to throw $500 away on a hair cut I would pay for it myself, however – I have a great exchange going with my hair dresser – I make him CDs – he cuts my hair. Yay! Cheap and cheerful!

So there!

Yes, I just stooped to your level… I guess that’s what too many hours alone in a hotel room in DC will do…

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