No Baby For Britney Spears Yet

Sky News reports that David Frossman, who is Britney Spears’ publicist in the UK, has denied reports that the pop star had given birth to her first child. “ has not given birth. She’s not even in hospital,” Frossman said. “The baby is due some time in the next month.”

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3 thoughts on “No Baby For Britney Spears Yet

  1. Clara106 says:

    Britney has scheduled a cesarean section for September 23rd, she talked about it in her interview with Elle magazine. geesh, first there was “is Britney pregnant yet!?!” stories, then “is it a boy or a girl!?!” stories, and now people are wondering if she has had it yet? what is all boils down to is, “who cares?”. woman get pregnant, and give birth everyday. as with every single detail of her pregnancy, I’m sure Britney will be more than happy to announce when she has had the baby with many photos of it for people magazine to print. for a price, of course.

  2. Starlet01 says:

    Usually, I would trust what Britney’s publicist would say on the behalf of Britney but, in this case for some reason I don’t. Britney & her people are known for telling elaborate lies. Come on Britney lied about being pregnant for months. And she has lied about so many other things. Besides before Britney had Jamie Lynn changed the due date of her birth on her ( website, it said she was due in September. Also didn’t Britney tell Jamie Lynn first that she was expecting, why not tell her the due date as well. In fact couldn’t Jamie figure out a realistic estimated due date? Also I think if Britney put out a false due date, then I would consider it a brilliant plan. She deserves to have her privacy during her birth. If fact I wouldn’t blame her for having her baby in a secret location. We all can agree the media has gotten way out of hand & to forceful.

    Jamie Lynn & mama Spears will be on Access Hollywood. They are down in Mississippi helping out some of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I believe Jamie Lynn returned to Louisiana to attend school in McComb, Mississippi. You can see the exclusive act of kindness on tonight’s episode of Access Hollywood.

    Well, we all know that she was planning to have a C section. It’s interesting that some of the press is pointing out that Britney had her operation the day before her Fantasy perfume comes out. I wouldn’t be surprise if a lot of people go out & buy her perfume & help her break a record. Any way! Congratulations! I’m sure Britney & Kevin are truly happy.

  3. fandango says:

    Faith Hill, Heidi Klum, Pamela Anderson – all HOT MOMS….Britney–>’, ‘maybe she’s hot to a redneck hanging out at a trailer–but she doesn’t belong in the hot mama arena. LOL! God, she has a distorted image of herself.

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