No Baby Plans Yet For Jennifer Lopez

A friend of tells Star magazine that the diva is too focused on her career to start a family with hubby Marc Anthony right now. “I don’t see her having another baby for a year or two,” the friend said. “She knows now is her time to be a star, and wants to make the most of it before thinking about babies. Jennifer says once she becomes a mom, that will be her absolute priority. She’ll still work a little, but she doesn’t want to be the kind of major celebrity she is now.”

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6 thoughts on “No Baby Plans Yet For Jennifer Lopez

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    Funny how the majority of her “friends” say otherwise, and she’s said otherwise her damn self.

  2. beaugiroux says:

    What the hell does the source mean by J-Lo having “another baby”? Does she already have a kid we don’t know about?

  3. Starlet01 says:

    See I was wondering the same thing. Where’s the “another baby”? Unless she miscarried

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    Didn’t she already have her time to be a star? She hasn’t done any major commercial success lately with her music or films, she should take a break for once!

  5. Vanity87 says:

    Exactly, the woman is 35 years & she’s been a major celebrity for almost a decade!

  6. Babar says:

    She hasnt had commercial success lately? U must be joking.’, ‘Her second last release Shall We Dance took in 169 Million worldwide. 169 Million with more than 110 Million overseas, no less. Monster In Law, with 80 Million to date domestically, not only gave her her career best opening (24 Million) but also her second highest domestic gross (behind only Maid In Manhatten’s 94 Million. And the movie is yet to open in majority of overseas territories. When it comes to music, her latest album has been certified platinum with sales of over 700k in the U.S. alone. the album sold more than 1.5 million overseas. The album does pale when compared to her previous ones, but its a success nonetheless. When it comes to her business, she is not only producing a movie and a drama for UPN, she recently took her designing line (both clothes, shoes and accessories) to more heights thanx to the success of her New York Fashion Show. She is gearing up for a fourth perfume after the success of her first three, her restaurant is rocking and what not! And she still remains in the tabloid limelight today.

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