No Joy For Lucy Woodward Hearing Her Tune On Radio

That moment when a pop star first hears her song on the radio is supposed to be joyous, but for Lucy Woodward, it was anything but. Z-100 was set to play her track ‘Dumb Girls’, but Lucy was suffering from food poisoning. “When I heard it, I was having the worst (I mean, the wuh-hurst!) case of food poisoning. I was throwing up all day,” she explained. “I’m sweaty and delirious and someone calls from Atlantic to tell me it’s going to be on the air at 4:05. I didn’t know what to make of it because I was just lying there. It airs and I manage to peep out a little scream of pure excitement. Then I run to the bathroom to throw up some more. It was a surreal moment I will never forget.”

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