No Mindless Lyrics For Lily Allen

spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine, where the singer explained the thought behind her unusual lyrical musings for a pop artist.

“I don’t really like conforming to what society expects of me, or of the world in general,” she explained. “I wanted to make pop music that was universal and could speak to everybody, but at the same time I didn’t just want to sing mindless lyrics like ‘oh baby, you drive me crazy, can I be your lady, baby, kiss me kiss me, hug me, baby’, do you know what I mean? That’s just not something that I’m interested in and not something that I wanted to try and get little kids to buy into. What I am singing about is relevant. It’s not like hyper-intelligent world-saving lyrics, but at least it’s a little more thoughtful than the usual dribble. And also, there’s not me there dancing around in the videos taking my clothes of being an idiot or a whore.”

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