No More Piercings Or Any Tattoos For Avril For Now

answered fan’s questions on Entertainment Weekly, including whether she’d get anymore piercings. Avril responded, “I was gonna get one on my lip, but I decided not to because I think it would get in the way of kissing a guy. Plus, I’m thinking, Okay, when I’m 40 I don’t want this huge hole in my lip. I would never do my tongue. Never. Maybe one day I’ll get a tatoo, but I don’t think I will because I always change my mind. I had so many tattoo ideas and I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s go do this now’, but then I’m like, ‘Wait, be safe, think about it for a year and see if you still want it.’ Then like two months later I’m like, ‘Oh my God I’m so glad I didn’t do it!'” Check out the rest of her answers here.

My Week On The E-Team

13, 2002 – Chris Dahlen of Pitchfork Media shared his experience as part of the Avril Lavigne online e-team, an experience he concluded was anything but positive. Dahlen explains, “One day I was skimming through [Avril Lavigne’s] website (because, um, I’m a rock critic, and I have to keep up on this stuff) and I found a weird ad: ‘Join the official Avril eTeam!’ Lavigne’s handlers have hired a company called the Hype Council to start a grassroots marketing effort: they’re getting fans to sign up and spread the word about Avril, online. It’s the same concept as a street team, where a label gets kids to blanket the city with posters and bumper stickers to promote a show or a record release. Street teams are a time-honored way to get free labor out of dedicated fans. But eTeams are more efficient, more powerful– and just as cheap.”

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One thought on “No More Piercings Or Any Tattoos For Avril For Now

  1. dragonzNpiano says:

    Even though I’m a Christina fan and not so much of an Avril fan, I would say that Avril is so much smarter than Christina. X-tina has all these ugly piercings on her, and even has a tattoo. anyway, good for you Avril!

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