No Surprises For Justin Timberlake At Video Music Awards

Suchin Pak of MTV News spoke with star Justin Timberlake before the MTV Video Music Awards. Justin said no big surprises for his performance and said he was excited for the November 5th release of his debut solo album ‘Justified.’ Read on for a transcript.

Suchin: Welcome back to the 2002 video music awards opening act of the of course, I’m sitting here with the man of the hour. Everyone has been talking about you Justin Freakin Timberlake how are you. You’re doing the solo performance. Everyone is talking about it. Are you nervous.

Justin: They are?

Suchin: People were trying it get into rehearsals. I’m hawking tickets.

Justin: I did not know that.

Suchin: Are you nervous?

Justin: I’m excited. I’ll nervous I’ll be up there by myself but I’m excited. I spent all summer doing this whole record I’m anxious for people to hear it.

Suchin: Give s a sneak peak. Come on, you have to give us something about the performance. I know you’re gonna have a surprise. It wouldn’t be the same. Last year you had Michael Jackson. You can’t beat that.

Justin: No, you can’t. You can’t beat that with a stick. It’s just totally me. This song it just fits.

Suchin: Your solo album is doing well. You’re happening with it so far?

Justin: I’m excited November 5th.

Suchin: We’re all excited. Thank you so much.

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