No Sympathy For Britney Spears From Justin Timberlake

The Daily Star reports Justin Timberlake was embarrassed by Britney Spears’ tearful interview with ‘Primetime’ host Diane Sawyer about their relationship.

An insider claims the star “cringed with embarrassment” when he heard about Spears’ tearful breakdown. “He and Britney were childhood sweethearts, and that’s where it ends,” said the source. “He couldn’t care less about Britney getting sympathy from people after that outburst. For all he knows, it could have just been a stunt.”

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11 thoughts on “No Sympathy For Britney Spears From Justin Timberlake

  1. Cicero says:

    If it’s true: Whatever. He’s obviously moved on, and she needs to move on to. It’s harder on girls, especially when a couple sleeps together. I think JT is pretty cool, but I don’t like that he literally exchanged sex talk for more radio play. And CMaR is my favorite video of his — it’s awesome — but was still pretty cheap of him, in my opinion. Move on, Britney. Justin did, and now you need to. It’s been over a year.

  2. LifeOrSomethingLikeIt says:

    She needs to work on herself before getting involved with a guy. Then again, when your lonely, your lonely. I don’t think she misses Justin so much, I think she misses having someone there.

  3. rangergirl says:

    It’s difficult to move on when it’s your business to be in the public eye and the public and the media keep asking you about it. As long as people pay attention to it, the media and advertisers don’t give a flying crap about the entertainers. Britney is easy on the eyes ,she sells, that’s all that matters. The whole Mouseketeer feuding among Justin,Brit. & Chris. seems to have sprung out from personal issues not necessarily “artistic”. It was Christina who supposedly blabbed to Justin that Brit was cheating on him w/ a dancer from his shows. Brit & Chris (who the media always tried to compare) then got into an argument where Chris called Brit “A Slag” the Brit called “Chris a 2-faced bitch” to which Chris replied “well at least I didn’t get rid of my pregnancy”. OUCH-no wonder Brit was standoffish with Chris.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    I don’t think he should’ve said something about it being a publicity stunt when he himself used the relationship to get about as much publicity as he could right before his solo effort came out. Honesty had it not been for that reason a lot of people wouldn’t have cared. Not because he’s not talented, but simply because they would’ve seen it more as the obnoxious boy from Nsync trying to make it on his own.

  5. Carrie says:

    I think people become sentimental when they reflect on a past love. He was her childhood sweetheart. She cries because she knows he was good and she wronged him. Of course he could care less, she played him dirty! He lost his dignity there for awhile but he moved on . There’s no way a guy that has been played should take a girl back. It just wasn’t true love for Britney. That’s all.

  6. rangergirl says:

    Britney was going around saying that she would like to stay a virgin until marriage. Even though she thought “Justin was The One” I don’t believe they were married or engaged when JT tapped her. But o.k. anyway she supposedly cheated on him,tried to pretend she was a virgin even after the breakup( she stated so herself on Oprah no less!) and was just a sweet ol’ country gal who liked to pose sexy. For awhile JT was mum on why they broke up and if he indeed “done her” But then with all of Brit’s contradicting actions (i.e statements on her virginity status,etc) he finally CAVED-IN and said he did indeed do the deed. I guess he just got tired of her phony public persona. Not that he’s much better.

  7. RainWater says:

    I agree with you except for the part about it not being true love for Britney. I don’t think it has anything to do with him wanting her back or her wanting him back. Just old feelings being brought to the surface by constant questions. I think they’re both over it. Justin used her for publicity, now she’s using him. Although I don’t think that crying part was for publicity because she was really trying not to cry. I also agree with the person who said she just wanted someone in her life. It’s hard coming home alone after working 8 hours, just imagine coming home along after 12 and 15 hour days. Just like she said Madonna and Faith give her hope.

  8. JLOVER101 says:

    ^^I’m not saying Brit’s never used the relationship for publicity…’, ‘I’m just saying he’s not the best judge of that, because he has done the same in the past.

  9. musikluver says:

    Diane asked her about her past year with it being rough…. It wasn’t all about Justin! anyway.. she really hasn’t had closure to the whole relationship with Justin.. because if it wasn’t him bringing it up it was reporters.. let her live and make mistakes and learn just like we all do.. NOBODY has it all together when you’re 21. Justin.. you suck! your music sucks, your debut album SUCKS! and the only reason you’re where you are is because of Britney! otherwise you would still be another name in a boy band and doing red carpet interviews like your boyfriend Lance.

  10. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Justin has the right to get pissed off. Britney is acting like as if the whole world turned against her. Isn’t ironic for the fact that she had more than ten guys after they broke up? Fred, Jared, Colin, her dancer, Mike Casem, Casino guy etc… What a desperate attempt to sell records, Britney. It’s very obvious that you’re using every opportunity to get our sympathy. Somebody please remind her that Justin has already a girlfriend. I’m sure Cameron is also getting mad of Britney for continuously wrecking their relationship. First she destroyed her dancer’s family and now she’s trying to ruin Justin’s relationship with Cameron. What an insane slut. Britney, do you believe in God?

  11. enthralling says:

    This is from The Daily Star. Take it for what it is, senseless tabloid gossip. I wouldn’t believe this in a million years. In real interviews, despite Justin’s obvious angst and hurt over what happened, he still claims he will “always love that girl.” So on top of the fact that this is from a tabloid, it doesn’t even sound like how Justin would react. If he were to comment on the interview at all, I know it wouldn’t be to The Daily Star. Come on now.

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